Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing Goodies!

YAY!!  I always love when goodies come in the mail!  This time, I ordered some sewing books from a craft book club called Crafter's Choice.  So far, I am pleased with my purchase.  All of the books came in great condition (I ordered five), and they look like they have some great projects in them.  In fact, I cannot wait to get started on a lot of the projects in the books.  Of course I will be doing the EASY ones first!  Here is a list of the books I've received, as well as some photos, to follow...

Weekend Sewing
200 Sewing tips, techniques, and trade secrets
Sew What! Bags
One Yard Wonders
Chic & Simple Sewing

Awesome, right?  I plan on doing reviews on each book once I get more of the projects under my belt.  The 200 sewing tips book does not have any project (that I saw when I flipped through it) so I may review that one shortly, once I find out whether or not the information it gives is useful.

Now, for an update on this week's project, the table runner.  Well, I have washed and dried my "test" fabric, and I am pleased with the results.  I have cut the fabric for my runner, and I will run that through the washer tomorrow, with hopes to sew it together tomorrow as well.  Here is a sneak peek at the fabric:

Well, I look forward to revealing the finished project this weekend!  Stay tuned, and stay sew filled!

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