Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November plans

Hello everyone!

Somehow I slid right through October without a peep, and now it is November! Though I was silent, it hasn't been because I wasn't sewing.  In fact, I was! But, a lot of it was not fruitful.

I had a great month of September, sewing 30 minutes a day most days, and was excited to continue that trend. Then, in October things started out good, but I got hung up when I made some construction errors on my Canyon cardigan. But, never mind all that! No matter what last month brought, this is a new day!

And a new month needs new plans...

For November I am going ROGUE!  I usually choose my projects depending on the theme of  my Make A Garment A Month (MAGAM) group, yet this month didn't really intrigue me with it's "natural" theme. Also my kids really wanted me to sew a few things for them out of the Winter 06/2016 Ottobre magazine.

So, (left to right) I plan on starting out with a set of pajamas for my son. This will be an interesting project since I have to do A LOT of alterations in order to get this top and bottom to work. I'll address those things later when I start this project, but long story short: my son is tall and skinny, and needs clothing three sizes bigger than what is offered for the pattern shown. BUT he just LOVES this specific style, so I am going to give it a shot!

In the middle is a knit dress that is adorable! My daughter saw this and immediately asked for it. I plan on trying a fabric that is a little dressier so she can wear it to holiday parties/events that occur in December.  By the way, did you know that Ottobre will be offering a family issue magazine in 2017? It will have mens patterns, as well as women and childrens. I am looking forward to this! I already renewed my subscription for the kids magazine, but am thinking of adding the family and womens to it (my subscription will end just before the family issue at the end of next year). Anyhow, shipping charges have now been waived for the magazine subscription, so the prices are just awesome!!! Check out Wooly Thread and see!

Lastly, I saw the Love Notions Mother/Daughter peplum top, and just HAD to put it on my sewing list!! First of all, I have never worn a peplum top! Never! Can you even believe that?  Second, I had to convince my daughter that we would look cute if we both had one. They don't have to match, but they might...
Love Notions Peplum
I will say that .pdf patterns are not my favorite, BUT I really do like the Love Notions patterns a lot! Also, their sewing instructions are wonderful and easy to grasp.  

So these are my dreams for November!  I really, really, really want to finish all or most of these projects because I want to start something BIG in December! I am getting over a pretty bad sinus infection right now, but will be kicking it into high gear soon.  

Here is an update on my baby boy, who is almost 4 months old:

He is such a sweet, laidback, chunky boy! He is already 15 1/2 pounds!!!! But, yes, he is super healthy, and full of personality! Here I am with the older kids in a recent fall trip:

My son has a birthday coming up soon (almost 10, yikes), and we had such an amazing time out on the ranch! Really, its a great day when you get the whole family out and let the kids run wild, literally!!!!! Here is my hubby too: 

Thanks so much for reading my blog and following along with me! I appreciate it, and hope to be able to post more, especially going into next year! 

Until soon, 

Stay Sew-filled!