Saturday, February 13, 2016

February project announced!

Hi everyone!

It's good to be sewing again!  Thank you for the nice comments about the tunic I sewed in my last blog post.  I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it!

I know we are almost halfway into the month of February, but I am still excited to be starting my February project. In the Make a Garment a Month FB group, the theme for this month is called "Freaky February." So, I am tasked with creating a garment that scares me.  Basically, one that I haven't done due to fear. Yes, I am facing my sewing fears!!!!!

What is my sewing fear? Definitely pants!

I find pants to be daunting. I have started and stopped a pair quite a few times, but haven't finished any ever.  Even as I look at the types of clothing I have sewn, I see a pattern of tops. Yes, tops, tops, and more TOPS!  The only things I have sewn for my bottom half are a few skirts.

So, here is my plan for February:

I will be sewing activewear for the first time ever! I workout a lot (5 days a week), and need some more workout pants that are cute.  I could definitely go to the store and buy some on clearance, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a garment I need, while tackling something I hate: fitting my bottom half. I figure the stretch will work to my advantage, and allow me to get a decent fit.

I have chosen a pretty teal/purple double knit print and a jet black techno knit as my coordinating fabrics.

I have also noticed that Patternreview is running an activewear contest right now! I would have LOVED to join, but I don't think I will finish this in time. But if I do....YOU KNOW! Ha, ha! I would enter their contest in a heartbeat.

So, off I go!  My aim is to finish this month strong so I can have more time for the March theme.

Stay sew-filled!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January project finished!

Okay, okay...


How many of you didn't think I would finish my January project?

I have to admit it, I wasn't too sure I would finish it myself, BUT, I didn't want to start the year out by failing on my attempt at one project a month. Though it took me a little longer (nine days to be exact), I kept at it and finished the tunic I planned to make.

Here it is:

This is M1565 Tunic from My Image magazine.  I saw this top and immediately thought it would be a great one to wear over leggings. With only four pattern pieces to trace out, I also thought it would be an easy enough project to get my year started off on the right foot.

Since this is a plus-size pattern (and I am usually a size 6 in RTW tops) I knew I needed  to tweak it to fit me properly.  I ended up doing the following adjustments:

  • 1/4" broad shoulder adjustment
  • 1/2" swayback
  • graded the waist using a well-fitting RTW top I had
In terms of construction, this was an easy sew. I have to admit, I didn't really pay attention to the directions (more on that later).  I used a stretch stitch for some parts of the garment, and my serger for others.  I LOVE using my serger, but am still a bit nervous when it comes to sewing the sleeves. I sewed the sleeves in flat, but I just need to practice with my serger to get the hang of it.  Overall, I am pleased with the finished look.

What do I think about sewing patterns from My Image magazine?  Well, I would definitely sew one again; however, I must say I am not a fan of their instructions. If this had not been an easy shirt, I would have found their instructions hard to understand. As a matter of fact, I was breezing through so quickly (ignoring the instructions), and mistakenly finished off the neckband the wrong way! There was supposed to be a facing instead! Oh well! I actually like the neckband much better, and I am glad it worked out.  

If you are a total beginner, you will probably find the instructions frustrating. Now, tracing off the patterns from the pattern sheet was not too bad at all. Everything was easy to find, and self-explanatory. My only dislike was trying to figure out whether to add your own seam allowances. I "figured" that you did (as per most sewing magazines) but wanted to make sure. I couldn't find anything in the magazine that stated this, and ended up finding out you do by doing a Google search.

Overall, this project was worth finishing!!  It is so comfortable to wear, and goes GREAT with my black boots and leggings. After I completed it, I immediately said "I'm wearing this...TOMORROW!"  And that is a sign of a good project!!

Stay sew-filled!