Aspirations for 2018

Welcome to 2018!

I have thoughtfully considered what I want to accomplish this year, as well as rolled in THREE goals from 2017 that did not get completed.

Last year I focused on using what I had, and not accumulating more.  I will still continue to do this because it has taught me to be content, and it also showed me that I can thrive on less.  Granted, there are definitely times I really need things that are NOT in my stash, and these are the opportunities I will take to purchase what I truly need.

Also, I have always had an interest in pattern drafting, yet have not fully pursued it.  This year will be the year I work on drafting!!  In fact, I am calling it my "year of learning." I want to start with creating a collection of slopers, and move on to basic design elements.

But, the BIGGEST news of all is this: I am participating in the 2018 Ready-to-Wear Fast!!!!  Hosted by Goodbye Valentino, it is an invitation to sew all of your clothing for an entire year.  I participated a couple of years ago with success, and decided that now is the time to try it again.  Hopefully, my experience from before will guide me this time too.

Here are my aspirations:
  • Sew all of my own clothing (excludes underwear and socks)!!!
  • Draft slopers according to my measurements for bodice and pants.
  • Enter a Patternreview Contest.
  • Copy RTW styles that I love (a must now that I will be sewing everything I need)
  • Finish at least FOUR of my Craftsy classes 
  • Sew for life events.
I will still be sewing for my family members every couple of months, and will keep their finished items under another tab.

It's going to be a great year!!!

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