Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gearing up for the New Year

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A couple of weeks ago, I went away on vacation with my family for a few days, visiting the magical land of Disney World!!

This was our first Disney vacation where we planned, saved, and went.  All the other times we have gone to Orlando have been for my husband's annual business meetings; but this year we had the pleasure of going for pure FUN!  And it was fun!!  We invited my mother and mother-in-law along, and created some memories that will not soon be forgotten.

So now I am back...and remembering that I told myself I would go on the RTW fast (details here) beginning next year, and I don't have that much time left!

The first thing I did was order a bunch of fabric:

It is a starting point, and something difficult for me to do because I like to buy the specific fabric I like for the specific pattern I am working on (no more, no less).  But there was a great sale going on at Denver Fabrics, so I decided I'd take a chance.  I am very pleased with what they have sent me. The three fabrics to the left are for my daughter, but the rest is for me!  The two on the far right are linings.

The second thing I did was to go shopping!!!!!!  I needed to pick up some tops and cardigans to fill in a few gaps in my wardrobe so I won't be pressured into sewing something I would rather not start off with (like jeans).

Now my next order of business is to finish my muslin for my Craftsy Sew the Perfect Fit class.  I have been trudging along with it, and enjoying the process, but taking my time nonetheless.  I hope to have something to show you soon.

Stay sew-filled!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday traditions

Hello everyone!

It's beginning to look a lot like least, around my house it is!

Last weekend we put our Christmas tree up, and my hubby started a fire in our fireplace for the FIRST time! I baked cheesecake as we decorated the tree and listened to Christmas music with our kids.

Though I know that the true meaning of Christmas is not about decorating trees, it is still fun to gather together and spend time together as a family.

In fact, when my hubby and I first got married 8 years ago, we got inspired to start our own holiday tradition from a conversation with a friend.  This friend told us that every year they purchased a special ornament to hang on their Christmas tree. Through the years they had amassed many ornaments, and each one had a special meaning to them.

Implementing this same tradition has been such a blessing to us!!  Now as we decorate the tree, it tells "our story" as we hang the ornaments.  There is the snowman ornament of 2005 that represents our first Christmas together.  Then there is "Baby's First Christmas" ornament of 2006.  It was only a month after our son was born that we purchased this one, excited to have our little one join our family.  Then we got a dog ornament to celebrate the year that we got our dog Sunshine.  Over and over, one by one, each ornament tells our story, and is a reminder of God's goodness in our lives.  The things He has graced us to see, and the hope we have with Him a part of our future.

We still have to choose our ornament for this year, but I know it will be a special one.

Some other great holiday traditions I have heard about are:
  • Getting a new set of pajamas on Christmas day 
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Making a Gingerbread house with the family/kids
  • Watching a favorite Christmas movie (A Christmas story, anyone)
  • Volunteering at a local soup kitchen
Are there any holiday traditions you celebrate around this time of year that mean a lot to you?

Stay sew-filled!

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm in!

Hello all!

I have done something that I will either LOVE or HATE come 2014!!

Let me explain...

You see, I have been following the website/blog Goodbye Valentino for the last couple weeks.  The author of the blog, Sarah, is a woman who decided to go a whole year without buying RTW clothing (Ready To Wear, a.k.a. store-bought).  Instead of buying her clothes, she sewed them!!  That's right!

For the first year of her challenge she made 64 garments, saved money (she used to buy Valentino), and increased her sewing skills. Now she is part of the Mood Fabric sewing network, and continues to fast from RTW.  Next year will be her 4th year of fasting from RTW.


Sarah just recently posted her challenge for next year for those that are interested.  Here are the details:

RTW Fast
Jan 1st-December 31st, 2014
NO store-bought clothes.
Shoes, Socks, and Underwear permitted.

I read her post, and thought, "Hmm, that would be really neat, but I'm not sure it's possible for me to even do."

As I continued to ponder the invitation to join, I started to talk myself into it:

"Well, I do have a whole month to prepare...and I did just buy two more classes on Craftsy to help further develop my sewing skills...and I am a good planner, so I could find a way to sew pieces that would coordinate with my wardrobe...and if I wanted to buy something, I would just sew it instead!"

"Wait, is this really possible? For me?"

My answer is YES!!!  I nervously RSVP'd to the RTW fast, and I am super glad I did!

So I just had to share my joy with all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this invite sounds intriguing to you, check out the link to Sarah's blog HERE.  There are a lot to sewists that are joining the fast, so it will be neat to see how everyone progresses throughout the year.  Besides, it is also great support if, like me, you are not sure how this whole thing is gonna turn out.

Stay sew-filled!

Monday, December 2, 2013

My new dressform

Hello everyone!!

It has been a while since my last post.  I was so hopeful I would finish an adorable outfit for my daughter, but I never did.  In fact, I have not used my sewing machine even once since the month of March!  Nor have I been able to enjoy my beautiful sewing closet/room.  Well, it is time for that to change!

So about two weeks ago, I decided to put my "good intentions" into action, and I signed up for my first Craftsy course.  If you have not heard of Craftsy yet, it is a website that offers online instruction for things such as knitting, sewing, photography, cake decorating, and more.

The class I signed up for is called Sew the Perfect Fit (all classes are on sale until 12/02/13).  It uses Vogue pattern 8766 to teach you how to properly fit a dress to your body.  It walks you through the process of creating a muslin test garment, and provides helpful instruction that can be applied to fitting future garments.

I am debating on making the yellow dress or blue one.  Maybe both!

I am so excited to get started I can hardly stand it!!  I originally planned for my hubby to be my buddy, and help take my measurements and such, but as I watched the online lessons, I saw that it was going to be too involved for him to effectively do.

So, instead I decided to create an inexpensive dressform to use for the class (and other projects):

Somehow, when you ask your kids "Who wants to duct tape mama?" they really get excited.  In fact, I had them chasing me around most of the day asking me, "Mama, is it time to tape you up yet?"

The whole family got in on making this dressform, and it was not as hard as I thought it might me.  The only nuisance was how restrictive I felt in the duct tape, and how I almost had trouble breathing.

Those things aside, I like the end result.  The measurements are spot on, and I can't wait to use this for the class.

Here is the link I used for making the dressform.  I spent a little under $20 for all the materials, and used an old T-shirt as the foundation for the duct tape.  I stuffed the inside with crumpled plasic bags and polyester fiberfill from Walmart.  I will add an update in a future post about how effective it is to use.  

Anyhow, I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next up...

Hello, and a happy March to all of you!!

I am just getting back into town after celebrating my sister's baby shower this past weekend, and I am ready to start a new project.  However, I have to finish it this week, or I will not give myself enough time to sew for Easter (which is March 31st!!!).

So, I pulled out a new pattern I just bought for my daughter a couple of weeks ago..

I have chosen some fabrics I already have on hand, and come up with a rough draft the two pieces I have chosen:

This isn't exactly to scale, but View B is a dress that I may shorten to be more of a tunic.  View A is a pair of leggings from leftover stretch denim I have.

I am hoping I really like this pattern, because my daughter likes all of the views on the envelope and that rarely happens!  She still wants me to make the skirt (F), and shirts (E,D).  I am happy to be working on this "new" outfit for her.

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Losing with Lekala

Hello everyone! 

I finally finished Lekala 8004; however, it did not turn out as great as I would have hoped.  The main goal in making this pattern was because it is custom.  You put in four of your measurements, and Lekala sends you the pattern of your choice tailored to fit you.

Well, my shirt looks a lot like the FREE pattern I tried online:

The problem is, it doesn't fit like it!!!

As you can see, I am very much over-exposed in this top.  I played around with it, and realize that pinching another 1-2 cm at the shoulder seams would make the top lay where it is "supposed" to. Also, the sleeves are a little tight, and could use just a bit more ease.  I really didn't think the fit would be this far off, but I guess I have now learned my lesson.

That's not to say that all of the Lekala patterns are like this.  Maybe I just got a dud.  However, custom is custom, and this is NOT custom to my liking.

Overall, this was a fun top to sew.  Had it fit well, I could easily see this style being something I would sew again and again. 

 My hubby suggested I use it as a lingerie top, and I think I am going to follow his advice. 

I am not sure yet what I want to sew next.  I had every intention on sewing the Fuchsia skirt (see right) for myself, but I really don't want another dud.  I think using all of my "favorite fabric" on two wadders might have something to do with it.

Well, no matter, I will pick myself up and try again!!! 

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing Room Makeover Complete!

Today is the day I can finally show you my new sewing space!!!!!!

I don't have any BEFORE photos to show you, but I can give you an idea of how it looked--a mess!!  My sewing desk had scraps of fabric and thread thrown all about the place, and there was no order.  The clothes in my closet was also in piles--some on the floor, and some on my portable table.  So most of the photos I am showing you is a combination of organization, mixed with a few touches of my own.

And, here it is:

This is my new side of the closet!  Once I got everything in order, it was amazing how much space I discovered I really had!!

This was what I ended up doing to organize my fabric stash:
One thing I found frustrating when it came to my fabric stash, is the fact that I could never remember what the fiber content was.  In order to provide a solution for this problem, I used label stickers, wrote the appropriate fabric type on it, and affixed it to each piece.

How I organized my knitting materials:
This part was easy.  I had an old wicker basket I had not used in a while.  I took it, laid some fabric from my stash in it, and put all my knitting needles and yarn inside.  I tucked this under my table to the left so it is out of the way until I need to use it.

Notions, notions, notions:
As you can see from above, I used my sewing desk cubbies to store all of my notions.  Before, I had them strewn about, but after labeling the slots and putting everything in its place, it has helped me to see what I have an abundance of, and what I could stand to buy more of.

Here is a shot of my side of the closet.  I use the top shelf for my mini sewing board, iron, batting, fabric fat quarters, and sewing pattern binder.  It all looks so pretty and neat!!

Of course my little one had to sneak in and take a photo too!  

One of my favorite parts of the whole "room" is the wall accent I placed above my fabric stash. I bought these on sale at Hobby Lobby for $10, and it adds an element of whimsy cuteness.  I also hung a little pink photo frame with a piece of fabric in it to keep with the floral theme.  

I also found a great place to put all my sewing materials!  There is a little nook under my sewing desk that has just enough space (while still giving me ample leg room) to fit my growing library.  It is handy because I can pull one out when I need it, and not be far from my sewing machine and serger.

My most daunting task was organizing my patterns.  This is how I decided to do it:

I had a huge binder left over from nursing school, and I decided I could repurpose it as a holder of my sewing patterns.  Now all of my pattern envelopes are stored categorically, each in its own page protector.  I put the pattern instructions and pieces in gallon size ziplock bags, with the outside of the bag labeled with the corresponding pattern number.  Finally, I filed all my plastic bags away in a plastic bin, in numerical order by pattern company.  It is much like the filing system you see at the store, and it has made things much easier for me.  However, I realize I will need to get more plastic bins already, because mine is almost full!!

From start to finish, I think it has taken me about a month to do this project, but I am super pleased with it.  It is such a welcoming space, and I feel more inspired to go in there now.  The best part of this whole makeover is it did not break our budget!  I used items we had around the house, and all the fabric came from my fabric stash.  The only things I bought were the plastic gallon bags for 2.99, and the wall accents for $10.  So for less than $15 I am sooooo, soooo happy with the end result!

By doing this mini-makeover, I have learned that I can take this same thriftiness and transform other areas of our home--and this is exactly what I intend to do!!

PS...My husband will be hanging a full length mirror on the back of our closet door to add the final finishing touch.  That way, I can sew away, and not have to come out for a while if I don't want to!

Stay sew-filled!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wrap-up of the week

Hello all!

I hope everyone is well!  I have so many different things going on right now that I don't know where to start! The great part is that I have a lot of things in progress.  The bad part is, I have nothing to show for it today!  However, be patient, I am planning a few reveals for next week as long as things continue along.  Here is an update on the things I am juggling:

Baby blanket I am knitting
I was close to finishing the first panel of this blanket when I went back to correct a mistake, and somehow got myself into more of a mess.  So, I decided to start over yesterday.  I am glad I did because this panel looks better than what I had in the first place; though I can say I am sad to lose the panel I started with (I was about 85 rows in).  No matter, I am not in a rush to finish this because my sister's baby is not due until April.

Lekala 8004
I thought for sure this shirt would be done in a couple of hours max.  But I must have been away from sewing a little too long!  I am having more issues because I am using a fabric with a lot more slip and stretch than recommended, so I am paying for it.  But, I still believe that this one will come together somehow.  I am also having some issues with the pleats.  I know pleats are easy, but I can't get them to sit right, so I am working on it.  Hopefully I will have some success with this over the weekend.

Sewing Room Makeover
This is almost done!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!  I bought my wall accents today at Hobby Lobby, and picked up a few 99 cent Simplicity patterns for my daughter.  I have been plugging away every weekend (and most nights) to get this room in ship-shape.  I have organized and thrown out clothing, created an easy system for my patterns, hung up my bulletin board, added a few decorative wall hangings, labeled a few things, and I only have a few more finishing touches before the reveal.  Honestly, just cleaning the room up was a big improvement, trust me!

New Project
While browsing Pattern Review last week I came across an entry of an adorable skirt to one of their contests.  Upon reading the review, I discovered that the same skirt was part of a new pattern company called Lolita Patterns, and it was being released as a free download!  I have since downloaded the pattern, and after doing so, found out that there will be a sew-along for the same pattern starting Monday, Feb. 11th.  Since I plan on being finished with my Lekala top by then, and I think I could find some material in my stash, I decided to join along!

Have a great weekend!

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weight issues, and Lekala patterns

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk a bit about something that has changed for me in the last month--my weight.  I didn't start the New Year with a resolution to lose weight or anything, it just kind of happened. Kind of.  Ok, there was a little work involved on my part.  You see, I have always found time to work out at least 5-6 times a week, and now I have incorporated jogging into that routine.  However, I never really decided to change my eating habits at all.  I figure, if I work out that many days a week, I should be entitled to eat whatever I want.

After I started taking a Health and Wellness class at my local church, though, I decided that I was wrong about my eating habits.  In fact, I don't know how my body was making it through the day because I had so many carbs, sugars, and fats in my diet.  So...while in class they gave us a recommended eating plan, and it did not sound restrictive to me.  I had a whole list of things that I could eat an unlimited amount of, like fruits, veggies, and lean meats. I also had a smaller list of items that, if I decided to eat them, I would have to count toward my calories for the day(of which I only get 250).  I'm not sure if this is similar to Weight Watchers or not, but combined with my working out, I have been able to lose 10 pounds!

Now I feel absolutely great!  I have more energy, and I have gotten rid of my persistent heartburn and headaches!  I am so elated to be finally giving my body the nutrients it needed for a long time.  The best part of it all is that my kids are picking up much healthier eating habits too!

So with all of this weight loss I am curious as to whether or not this will change my sewing habits.  My waist measurements have definitely changed (I know I have gone at least a whole size down in RTW), and so have  my bust measurements (down a bra size, and maybe a cup size?).

The other day while looking at online sewing patterns, I ran across some custom downloadable patterns made by a company called Lekala.  Apparently, you enter four measurements (height, bust, waist, and hips)
into the pattern of your choice, and they will create a custom pattern for you!  Intrigued with this idea, I decided to give it a try--especially since they offer a free pattern on their website, and a lot of their designs are both adorable and affordable.

I am now working on Lekala 8004, a jersey blouse with crossover front.  I have already typed in my measurements, received my pattern via email, printed out my pattern,and cut my fabric.  In total, I think I printed 14 pages for this top.  It wasn't bad at all.  Putting the pattern together took a little more out of me, though.  If this works out, then great.  If not, it will be a good experience in seeing what this company has to offer.

In case you are curious about some of the Lekala designs, here are a few that caught my eye:

And there are more where that came from!  You can check out the 99 cents download collection at Sewing Patterns, or you can see the whole extensive collection at Lekala.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Vogue patterns 2013

Hello everyone!

In case you weren't aware, it is now February!!

We have had another mild winter here in Georgia, and I noticed that our yearly tulips have broken ground and will be greeting us within the next month or so.  Which means, spring is in the air!

I love so many things about spring!  I love the way the old is replaced with the new--new buds of life, and new creations of God's glory.  It is such a hopeful season, with potential lurking just around the corner if you will believe it...

So today I thought I would talk about the potential of the spring Vogue patterns.

Like this one...


All I can say is Donna Karan really understands a woman's body!  This dress accentuates a woman's curves, without being too much.  


My second pick is a love!!  It is a lined dress with a mock wrap and shoulder pleats.  I love the loose fit and this is something that would look great with leggings as well!  My only concern is the elasticized waist.  I guess you could put a belt over it, but I think it looks cute as is.  

Here is the line drawing, so you can see the detailing:

My third pick is a coat.


This would be a great pattern to make in poplin.  Maybe a light turquoise or pale yellow.  I love the detailing and the length, since most of my coats are longer.

The next pattern is a little similiar to V1344, with some variations:

Another loose-fitting dress with drape on the bodice and skirt.  I am sensing a theme here.  It looks like the more loose fit is coming back in style.  I hardly keep up with what is "in" nowadays, but I did take a baby step, and subscribe to In Style magazine in order to find sewing inspiration and follow what is trending.  Do you ever follow the trends when you sew, or do you do your own thing?

I was excited to see some more menswear patterns too...


After I am done sewing items for my kids and myself, I would like to try at least one menswear item this year.  Hey, it could be as simple as a tie (my hubby wears a lot of those)!  I am glad attention is being paid to this area.  Now if only there could be more patterns for young boys...

I hope you found something you enjoyed in the new Spring line from Vogue.  There are more patterns if you are interested in the rest of the line, here.

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming knitting project

Hello everyone!

I had a nice weekend cleaning out my sewing closet. Since I am a person who likes to clean up in spurts, with lots of breaks in between, I approached this task in the same way.  My son helped with some of the work too, and he told me he wants to help again next time.  To be honest, I did not know that the room was in such disarray.  I figured a little organization and decoration would spruce things up a bit, but now that I am "all in," trying to update this room, I realize that I am in for a lot of work.  But...the end result will be so worth it!!!

I also got a chance to do some shopping for yarn at Joann's Fabrics and Craft store.  I was waiting until I finished my scarf in order to begin a new knitting project, and since I am done, I can get going on what I really want to do--a baby blanket for my sister's baby due in April.  It will be a girl, and her colors are brown and pink.

Here is a picture of the lovely pattern I found online for an easy baby blanket:

Weeks before I found this online, I had been searching and searching for the perfect baby blanket, to no avail.  As soon as I saw this one, I knew it was perfect.  

Anyhow, while I was at Joann's, I could not find the right color brown.  Really there were only two choices, a light tan color, and a dark brown one.  Neither or them looked right with my pretty pinks, so I decided to forgo the brown.  My sister will have to find another way to work brown into the room decor, which I figure won't be too hard, right?  I hope she's happy with what I decided:

Here is some information about the yarn:
It is from Caron, called Simply Soft.  The top color is Strawberry, middle is Off White, and bottom is Soft Pink.  The Off White really almost looks like a buttercream, or pale yellow, I love it sooo much!  They are all synthetic, 100% Acrylic, but easy to wash and will hold up with wear and tear.

I already knitted a test swatch to gauge my stitches, and will be starting the first set of panels soon.  I'm not sure of my finish date.  I would like to have this done before the baby gets here in April, so maybe by the first week of March.  I have to sit down and set a plan as to how many rows I would need to knit each day in order to be finished by then (does anyone else do this).

I'll keep you updated on my progress with this.

Stay sew-filled!

Friday, January 25, 2013

SCM Item # 1

Hi everyone!

Hurray for Fridays!

This week was a great one for me!  I feel like I accomplished a lot of things, and I experienced a lot of little things that brought a smile to my face.  I hope your week went well too.

Anyhow, it is time to show you my SCM (Sewing Closet Makeover) Item #1:

I created this fabric bulletin board from some leftover 100% cotton home decor fabric.  I bought some coordinating brown ribbon to "frame" the project, and used a stapler and hot glue gun to put it all together.  The rectangular shape is an old cardboard box with two sheets of batting stapled to it (you could also use a foam pad). So, in essence, a cardboard box side, batting stapled over it, decorative fabric pulled tightly and stapled or glued to the back, and ribbon hot glued to the edges.

I will be using this board to post things for projects I am currently working on, with possible inspirational photos and/or informational items hanging there as well.  I didn't want anything huge, so it measures about 20 inches long by 13 inches wide.  I know that this piece will fit perfectly with the mood I am trying to create in my sewing room.

By the way, I am NOT currently working on Simplicity 2147!  I just have it shown as a model so you all can get an idea of what I was trying to create.  This weekend I plan to de-clutter my closet so I can figure out how to organize and label everything I have haphazardly thrown in there.  It is truly one big mess!

Just a quick cute story to add: When I finished my bulletin board, my daughter asked me what it was.  I explained that it was a board used for hanging pieces of paper on it, and how I was going to put it in my sewing closet.  My little one (3 1/2) then said "Oh mommy! Let me get a piece of paper then, and make some sweetness to hang on your board!"

Here is my daughter's "sweetness":

Isn't that just precious?

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reveal: Double Bump Scarf

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I showed you a picture of a mystery item that I was knitting.  Well, here it is...

Yarn color: Red Ochre

I like to call this my waffle scarf because the design reminds me of the classic marks you get from a waffle iron.  However, the appropriate name of this project is Double Bump.  I found this scarf to be a fairly easy project for me, a beginner knitter, and I would HIGHLY recommend it!!  I followed the instructions mostly, and used a chunkier yarn by Deborah Norville, that I purchased from Joanns.  I think it was an acrylic yarn, but I am not sure (I will have to pay more attention next time).  It took two skeins for me to get a finished length of 62.5 inches, and I used size 10.5 knitting needles.  

Overall, I love it! It is so soft! And it feels incredibly nice next to my skin!  I think this scarf would also be a great item to gift to a friend.

My only "con" is that this scarf took me most of the winter to knit!!  But that is my fault really.  I probably could have finished it in a couple of weeks if I had dedicated more of my time to it, but I wasn't pushing myself.  Thankfully, there is still enough cold weather here in Georgia for me to wear it.

Here are some more pics:

So that finishes another knitted item!! Woo Hoo!!

I am still working on my sewing closet makeover, and have started creating the first piece for the room.  Hopefully I can show it to you on Friday--it isn't anything elaborate, but I want to make sure I can finish it by then before I say it will be ready.

I will also be starting another knitted project soon for my one and only sister, who is expecting a baby girl in April!  This project will be a lengthy one that I hope I can finish in time. 

That's all for now!  Take care, and stay warm (or cool, depending).

Stay sew-filled!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Operation: Sewing Closet Makeover

Hello all!!

My hope is that your week has been well.  It is still raining here in Georgia, but I have found time to get my "house in order," so the rain has not been so bad.

Speaking of organization, I came across a wonderful blog called Cation Designs earlier this week.  She is having a Stashbusting Sew-Along, and I immediately became intrigued in participating.  The purpose of the Sew-Along is to challenge yourself to sew a certain amount of items for the year from your fabric stash.  

Sadly, this is my fabric stash:

It is by no means abundant or boastful only because I usually buy what I need, and don't venture into adding plenty of more (unlike my pattern envelopes).  Still, I like the concept of using what I have on hand before adding to my collection.  

So...I was sewing closet is looking like a jumbled, crazy mess!!  I mean, how can I be inspired to sew when I have to look at piles of scrap fabric, sewing needles, and other out-of-order items?  I can sew, but it would be so much better to clean it up first.

That being said, I am deciding to use my stash to creatively come up with a sewing closet makeover!
This way I am able to participate in the Sew-Along, and finish a new project all in one!

I'm not sure how long this will take me, but I have already been perusing Pinterest in search of ideas.  I definitely want to convey a sense of  "oasis" when I walk into my closet to sew.  I'd like to be able to have a practical solution for managing all my pattern envelopes, labeling all my notions, and housing all of my books and knitting things.  For the closet decor, I would love to paint, but I know that will not be possible since I share the space with my hubby.  But I'm sure I'll find a way to bring in color some kind of way!

In the meantime, here is my pledge for the Stashbusting Sew-Along:

I,Vanessa, commit to using 8 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. 

I am looking forward to this!  I will keep you updated on my sewing closet progress, as I plan to be making most of the items I use for my room.  And if you are interested in busting a little of your own stash, check out the link to Cation Designs above.

Stay sew-filled!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing books

Hello everyone!

Today is a dreary, rainy day in Georgia.  I know we need the rain, but why does it have to make me feel so down in the dumps?  It is cloudy, foggy, and wet.  A good day to stay in.

But I didn't stay in.  I ventured out with my 3 year old because, as dreary as it seems, I like when it rains.  Mostly because I can get out and get my shopping done with minimal crowds.  On early rainy mornings, I often find that hardly anyone else gets out.  So, if you are looking for optimal shopping days, there you have it!

On the other hand, shopping with a 3 year old is another story entirely...

In the midst of running errands, I stopped at the library to get a look at the sewing section.  It has been quite a while since I checked anything out, and I saw that they added some great titles (I'll have to check out their online selection as well).

Here are some books I ended up with:

Teach Yourself Visually Fashion Sewing by Carole Ann Camp

This is a book I have checked out before.  I like it, mostly as a good reference.  It's nice to have on hand to refer to, but I never use it nearly enough because I don't sew as often.  I am hoping to change that.  I also enjoy the multitude of photos.  I am a visual learner, so the more photos, the better!

Threads Fitting for Every Figure by editors of Threads

I grabbed this one because I usually sew any garments for myself with minimal adjustments.  Not because I want to, but because I am not as skilled in figuring out how to achieve a better, more pleasing fit to my body.  I thought the pointers in here would really help.

Another choice for fitting is this one:

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting by Sarah Veblen

This book came highly recommended from online reviews, so I thought "why not?"  It too, has lots of great photos.

And just in case I had any questions...

Dressmaking 200 Q&A by Mary McCarthy
This next book seems a bit more on the basic side.  Though, I don't turn my nose up on the basics because I always feel as though I am learning, and I may learn something that will help to improve or simplify my own technique.

The New Sewing Essentials Updated and Revised Edition
And last, but not least:

Garment Construction A Complete Course on Making Clothing for Fit and Fashion  
I have also browsed through this before, but never read it to see if it contained anything beneficial.  The title drew me in with it's emphasis on fit and fashion.  

Anyhow, I'll have to see how useful each of these books are over the next month or so.  If you have read or used any of the ones I selected, please let me know which one and your opinion of it.  If I find any of these books to be beneficial, I will do a book review next month.  

Thanks for reading!

Stay sew-filled!