Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Vogue patterns 2013

Hello everyone!

In case you weren't aware, it is now February!!

We have had another mild winter here in Georgia, and I noticed that our yearly tulips have broken ground and will be greeting us within the next month or so.  Which means, spring is in the air!

I love so many things about spring!  I love the way the old is replaced with the new--new buds of life, and new creations of God's glory.  It is such a hopeful season, with potential lurking just around the corner if you will believe it...

So today I thought I would talk about the potential of the spring Vogue patterns.

Like this one...


All I can say is Donna Karan really understands a woman's body!  This dress accentuates a woman's curves, without being too much.  


My second pick is a love!!  It is a lined dress with a mock wrap and shoulder pleats.  I love the loose fit and this is something that would look great with leggings as well!  My only concern is the elasticized waist.  I guess you could put a belt over it, but I think it looks cute as is.  

Here is the line drawing, so you can see the detailing:

My third pick is a coat.


This would be a great pattern to make in poplin.  Maybe a light turquoise or pale yellow.  I love the detailing and the length, since most of my coats are longer.

The next pattern is a little similiar to V1344, with some variations:

Another loose-fitting dress with drape on the bodice and skirt.  I am sensing a theme here.  It looks like the more loose fit is coming back in style.  I hardly keep up with what is "in" nowadays, but I did take a baby step, and subscribe to In Style magazine in order to find sewing inspiration and follow what is trending.  Do you ever follow the trends when you sew, or do you do your own thing?

I was excited to see some more menswear patterns too...


After I am done sewing items for my kids and myself, I would like to try at least one menswear item this year.  Hey, it could be as simple as a tie (my hubby wears a lot of those)!  I am glad attention is being paid to this area.  Now if only there could be more patterns for young boys...

I hope you found something you enjoyed in the new Spring line from Vogue.  There are more patterns if you are interested in the rest of the line, here.

Stay sew-filled!

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