Monday, February 27, 2017

Mccalls and Butterick Spring 2017 Picks

Hello everyone!

A week or so ago I was watching Mccall's Youtube channel, and going completely ga-ga over some sneak peaks of their Spring patterns.  That video led to me incessantly checking and re-checking their page for the new collection, while also researching upcoming pattern sales.  I will definitely think long and hard before I make any purchases, since I am mostly using what I have, but these pattern companies are making it SO hard, lol!

Anyhow, today I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

Mccalls 7577 caught my eye with the lace back, and I just couldn't get it out of my mind! It is so beautiful in the floral print shown by the Mccalls and I love the trim on the front as well as the bell sleeves.  

Mccalls 7563 is another delightful addition shown in the Youtube video.  It has a romantic feel, with the longer ruffle and off the shoulder features.  I am not usually a romantic style wearer, but this is a style I would be willing to try!

There must be something in the air when it comes to "back" details.  Here is another version in M7570 View B that I love. It is a classic tee style in the front, but a beautiful wrap tie in the back. I even think the lace up front of View C is uniquely lovely.

Butterick 6462 was in the Youtube video as well, and I just know I have to put this one on my list!! I mean, come on!  They showed it is View D, the jumper, but my fascination is with View B.  I have yet to find a cut out shoulder with a "v-neck" until now, and v-necks look so much better on my frame.  

B6447, View A is another fave that beautifully displays your back, while offering a classy color blocking on the front.  It would be a great option for parties, especially since the silhouette is so flattering to many body types.

Of course I have saved the BEST for last! B6449, I really, really, really love you! The v-neck, seaming, and maxi dress is put together in the best way possible. This is one of those dresses I would love to have one for every day of the week!

Anyhow, those are my picks from Mccalls and Butterick. I am sure I will end up purchasing a few of these picks soon.

Before I go, though, I just want to share a really cool moment I experienced.  The Love Notions Canyon Cardigan I recently sewed was featured on Patternreview's blog!  

Do you see me? I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw this myself!  What an honor!  I say this because I have been so pressed for sewing time this month, and this feature made my day!  

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to be going the wrong way, frustrations abound, and you feel like giving up?  And then, just when you determine to press on (in spite of the difficulty) God sends something along that makes you smile?  This was my smile, ya'll!! My absolute, ear-to-ear smile! 

It encourages me to keep sewing, sewing, sewing...

Thank you again Patternreview! 

Stay sew-filled!

***NOTE: While updating the pattern sales portion of my website, I found that Mccalls and Butterick are on sale at Joanns NOW! I will have to make a run with baby boy today!***

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No more UFOs: Love Notions Canyon Complete!

Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

I am celebrating today in a special way--I have no more UFOs (unfinished objects) to speak of!!! That alone calls for a DANCE!

I don't know about you, but UFOs had become a part of my nature.  Never mind the reason why I didn't finish the project in the first place,what truly matters is the weight unfinished projects have carried in my mind.  Even though I would surge ahead with the next thing, the nagging of the "left behind" items would linger with me.  And beyond that (go with me for a moment), isn't it better to finish?

Isn't it better to learn the technique I was running away from? Or embrace errors I made along the way, like not choosing the right fabric for my pattern?  How about just knowing when it is time to let go and move on?

This year I am working on FINISHING. It can be a quick finish, a slow finish, an easy finish, or an UGLY finish. The bottom line is, I want to finish. I deserve to see my garments through, until the very end.

For example, as a runner, I have experienced runs where I hit a wall and my feet would not move.  It is then that my will and perseverance would come into play.  I had to push when everything in me was telling me I couldn't.  I had to tell myself that I had the strength to push through, one leg at a time. Left foot, right foot, push, push, push. Why push? To finish. To finish the race I started well--even if that meant crawling across the finish line.

Keep this in mind as I show you my latest completed project, the Love Notions Canyon Cardigan:

This cardigan was a long time in the making! I believe I started it last year in October or so.  I got everything finished except the hem and neckband.  In fact, it was looking pretty good! But, to me, the end results are just ok.  I like the pattern, but there are a few things I would do differently the next time.  Here are the details:

Fabric: Rayon/Lycra Jersey.  In hindsight, it has too much flowiness. I chose it for this reason, but realize that the drape and flow is excessive and unforgiving.  Also, my fabric was NOT a pleasure to work with. It is very stretchy, but the recovery is not as good.

Size: Medium. Again, in hindsight, I would probably look at increasing the size. 

Instructions: I must say, the instructions for the cardigan were phenomenal! I was able to work my way through it with no questions. This is the way I like to work!! I definitely recommend this pattern for all levels of sewers.

Features I like:  I LOVE the little pleat feature on the back.  I also think the waterfall part on the front is adorable, and the way the neckline is sewn on makes it fit perfectly.  

Adjustments: None. 

For now, I have decided on two things:

  1. This isn't my best version for this pattern, so I will revisit this one again in the future-maybe even for late Spring.  I will use a heavier weight knit that is a little more stable, and probably do a full sleeve instead.
  2. I will keep this version to wear around the house. I tend to get cold, so this will be a perfect cardigan to put in my rotation.  

Overall...yes, this one is not what I hoped, but it is FINISHED!  And not only that, I gained such appreciation and knowledge as I worked through it.  I guarantee you, the next version will have me a little more prepared, and a lot more aware.

And that, my friends, is what I LOVE!!!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and stay sew filled!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Plans

Hello everyone!

It is February and I am ready to sew!

Since the beginning of the year I knew I wanted to work on something BIG! Actually, not only BIG, but NEW (to me).  Well, I put this particular item off until now because I really wanted to get my feet wet first. Now that my feet are wet, I am forging ahead with my pattern choice for February:

It is Closet Case Files Kelly Anorak!  I know I have mentioned it before, but here it is again, along with my fabric of choice.  Isn't the jacket just purty??? And I love that I don't own a jacket reminiscient of this style at all! At all!! I will be making the hooded version on the left.

My fabric is a Robert Kaufman's Ventana Twill in Navy. I purchased it from on the recommendation of Heather Lou, the creator of this lovely pattern.  I have been stalking the Closet Case Files blog lately, preparing myself for all that sewing this jacket will entail.  I already have all my materials for the jacket, and will start out working on a proper muslin shell in order to fine tune the fitting details. I don't anticipate it will need many fit alterations, according to Heather Lou, but I want to take my time and be sure.

Speaking of fit, this project lines up PERFECTLY with the MAGAM (Make a Garment a Month) theme for February:

The theme is to choose a pattern, work out the fit issues, and finish it! Easy enough, right? I anticipate this jacket may take me most of the month to finish, but I would like it to be done so I can at least wear it a time or two.  The weather has been so up and down here lately that I'm nervous we may be jumping right through "winter" and into spring before I know it.  If that proves to be true, I'll have to wait another 6-8 months before I can wear my jacket again!  Ah, well.  I will err on the side of optimism, and hope the weather cooperates. Besides, the material I am using is a lighter to mid weight, so it should transition well.

There are also a few garments I have laying around that I would like to "finish" this month too.  First, is my daughter's overall dress from Ottobre magazine.  She has chosen the fabric, I only need to cut out the pieces I traced off. It looks like a nice simple sew, and some encouragement from a few of you in one of my posts led me to realize I needed to get moving on this one:

Yes to overalls!
Next is a project that I just can't seem to finish, even though there is barely anything left to do (ever have one of those):

It's the Love Notions Canyon Cardigan! Please don't think there is anything wrong with this pattern! It was a delightful sew up until the point I reached, I think I just have a mental block and I need to press through. Expect to see this one finished...soon! LOL!

Then there is this Simplicity top that I cut out, started to sew, then made a mistake with the bias binding. I used some packaged binding that I had, and it just looked horrible! Horrible! I remembered, after sewing it, that I prefer making my own because it always turns out so much better. Here is the pattern:

I love the flowiness of the front, and how it DOES NOT hug my stomach (priorities, lol).  Once I get this shirt worked out, I want to sew a few MORE! So, expect to see this one...and in more than one version!  

Well, once again, you can count on me to have lofty goals! Though this time I think at least half of it is achievable!  

Good luck with your sewing plans for February!

Stay sew-filled!