Tuesday, October 16, 2018

S8383 Version #2

Hello everyone!

There is so much Fall sewing inspiration around, I don't even know where to begin!  I have been slowly figuring out what I want to sew, and treasuring the opportunity to do what I love--LAYER!  Yes!  I love to layer clothing.  While I appreciate a lovely summer dress that catches the breeze, I also like a top, pants, and jacket/vest/cardigan combination too.

In fact, I got to sew with one of my besties this past weekend, and we had this exact conversation.  There are so many layering combinations in our heads, but our sewing productivity just does NOT match all the things we want to make (per usual).  So, I realize I am going to have to be a bit more strategic about my sewing choices, so I can maximize my Fall wardrobe.

And I really need Fall wardrobe help.  Here's what is going on: last year when I decided to sign up for the RTW Fast, I made sure I could at least make it through Spring and Summer with the clothing I had before I needed to really be productive.  I donated lots of my Fall items from last year, and knew I would easily be able to replace any holes in my wardrobe.  Well, here we are in Fall, and I need to sew! LOL!  Either that, or I'm going to be in a real bind!

Thankfully, I did finish another version of Simplicity 8383:

This version is made from a beautiful, jewel-toned jersey knit from Fine Fabrics.  I love the leopard print that is mixed in with it, and the cold-shoulder trend is apparently still "in."  Not that it matters, because I love a good cold shoulder sleeve any day!  Again, this is a size 12 throughout, with a forward shoulder adjustment of approximately 1/2."

And speaking of pattern adjustments, I have done a forward shoulder adjustment on so many of my garments, that I don't even make the adjustment to my paper pattern unless it becomes a TNT.  For instance, I just eyeball the removal to the front, and add the same amount to the back shoulder seam while I am cutting out my fabric. It works every time! I believe in shortcuts as long as the integrity of my garment is not compromised (wink, wink).

Overall, this is a quick, easy, and satisfying sew.  It is very beginner friendly, and one you can make again and again. You can read about my first version here, if you missed it.

For now I have decided to concentrate on sewing basics until that need is filled.  I have already finished a pair of leggings, and a top, and hope to be back with those soon...as well as other things!  My hope is that your Fall sewing is off to a great start!

Stay sew filled!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Simplicity 8383 and Best Laid Plans

Hello everyone!


Ok, I admit that I have held on long enough.  I am now ready to bring on the pumpkin spice!!!

The weather here has been getting cooler, and that could mean Fall is around the corner!  However, I have been fooled before.  Living in Georgia as long as I have, I have been duped one too many times, lol!  Either way, this post is here to say that I have pushed "play" on pumpkin spice, and sewing for the Fall season.

To recap, I think I made a mess of September!! I created all of these amazing plans, wrote them down in my sewing planner, and never finished a thing I wanted to.  My new part-time job stole some thunder from my plans and made me a tired wreck on quite a few nights.  And then, I started two other projects that I experienced some hang-ups on as well.  It was not at all what I wanted it to be!

Finally, I decided to put everything aside, and pick up a TNT that I had confidence would work. Enter Simplicity 8383.  I made this one before as a sleeveless swing dress during Me Made May, and I wanted to revisit it to explore the cold shoulder sleeve version of View A:

I think I really like it!!  I am going to work on a few more versions because I think this outfit is perfect for work attire.  Because I am mostly on the floor with little ones, leggings seem to work the best.  That means I can easily throw over a nice dressy/casual dress, or a tunic.  It creates an outfit that gives me the ability to move well (bend, sit, spin, etc.) yet doesn't compromise the environment of the school.  For now, I will likely live in these, but I will also be adding other workwear items down the line.  Here is a view of the inside of the garment:

I sewed a straight size 12 with no modifications.  There is PLENTY of ease in this tent dress, so no grading was necessary.  In fact, I could still probably take it in slightly for more of an A line effect.  The tiger/leopard/black and white print is from Fine Fabrics, and is a jersey.  I think it is a blend of some kind too, most likely a poly.  It has beautiful drape, and sewed wonderfully.

When it came to the instructions, I did a classic neckband construction instead of the binding method recommended by the pattern.  To make sure it would lay well, I measured the circumference of the neckline, then subtracted two inches.  I remember reading about this method used by Cennetta.  It works so well for moderate knits!

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I truly LOVE black and white.  Actually, black and cream is best, and I have gladly filled my closet with this color palette over the years.  In fact, I wear it so much that you would think that all the fabric I buy falls into this same zone.  Well, you would be surprised to find out it doesn't.  I have LOADS of colorful fabrics (and still a fair amount of neutrals) that I have challenged myself to pull out and sew.  So far, I think I have been doing pretty well in sewing color for spring/summer.  Now I will have to figure out how my color scheme will work for Fall.

So, I guess you can tell that I don't have a clear plan for Fall yet.  I'm going to take some time to figure out what my next projects will be once I finish another version of S8383...I'm thinking a brainstorming session with a warm pumpkin spice latte may help things come into alignment. 

Stay sew-filled!