Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review 2011

Hey everyone!

I was debating whether or not I should even do a year-in-review for my blog this year because, as you know, I really fell off the blogging wagon for a while towards the middle of the year.  There wasn't any particular reason for it, I just couldn't bring myself to keep up with one more thing in my life.

Anyhow, though 2011 was NOT a productive year for me at all, I am looking forward to 2012.  I may need to teach myself how to sew again!!

Here are the things I accomplished in 2011:

Ok, so I threw in a few things that I didn't sew, but still made, in order to make myself look a little more productive, but that is all.  Though I didn't sew much, I did have a great year!

As far as the Tim Gunn Sew along goes (see right), I still want to finish what I started, though I may end up substituting different patterns for the ones I originally picked, depending on my style and taste.

Right now I don't have any big plans for next year.  I think my main goal is to make time for sewing, and that will require some sacrifices I have to be willing to make.  So much of my time has been bogged up with household responsibilities that I feel burned out.  As always, I'm taking one step at a time, one day at a time, but I definitely don't want to get to December 2012 and see I slacked in sewing again.  Besides, I enjoy sewing!!  I love sitting in my sewing room with the whir of the machine as I create something with my own hands.  It brings me joy!

Thanks again to every reader of my blog who has stuck around with me throughout this year!  You all are wonderful, and I am grateful for each and every one of you.  I hope you had the merriest of Christmas's (if you celebrate), and I also extend to you a Happy New Year!

Stay sew-filled!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Spring 2012 Simplicity patterns

I almost missed the new early spring Simplicity patterns because I have not been able to get out to Joann's in a while.  I usually go there, bring a cup of french vanilla cappuccino (yum), and peruse the newest catalogs.  It is a heavenly time, I must say--far away from children interrupting my thoughts with their pleas, and close enough to a whole world of crafty goodness.

Anyhow, I'm not quite sure how I came across these new patterns (maybe via email), but when I checked them  out I was pleased!  There are some nice new ones, and though I am not looking to buy, I may be able to be persuaded on a few of these:

This style is featured on the front of the new Simplicity catalog and it is cute!  I like the vintage feel of the outfit.  It has a very Jackie O. quality to it.

These next two are great styles from the Amazing Fit line of Simplicity patterns.  I have to say, I have yet to sew one of these patterns, but I like the concept of achieving great fit in a sewn garment when you are still a novice.  By far, fit is the thing I am most concerned about when I go to sew!

Then there are always the tunic tops.  I don't think spring is complete without a tunic top, is it?  I prefer them most days, if I say so myself.

I like this top because of the variations of the neckline and hemline.  In fact, I am a woman who likes to have options!!  When I see a pattern that takes the guesswork out of adding options, I am more intrigued to buy.

Simplicity 1916 is also a simple knit top with many different variations.  I am a big fan of the pink version pictured on the model on top.  I like the soft touch that the flutter sleeve adds since I am broad-shouldered.  And this seems like a great pattern to build a basic wardrobe from.

There are also some adorable options for children too:

Check out this cutesy dress with cap (in red).  I just found out another one of my friends is expecting in May, so I need to explore what I will be making for her and baby.  She is not finding out the sex of the child, so this would not be an option until after she had her little one.  But, anyhow, it's adorable!!!

Somehow, I still plan on sewing a toddler dress.  I may have to finish the one I started, or start a new, more simplified version.  This Project Runway version is sweet.  It would be fitting for any little girl!

I definitely could not overlook these pillows, either!  I think they are a great accent to any room.  I really like the caterpillar pillow(s) and the bird next to a tree.

And what about these cute little snuggables?  

Obviously, there are a lot of nice new additions to Simplicity, and I am looking forward to when they release their Spring line.  

Have a happy holiday, and if you are interested in seeing the whole Early Spring line, click here.

Stay sew-filled!