Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My apologies...

I wanted to let you all know that I haven't gotten done with the zippered wristlet yet.  I am sorry to disappoint those awaiting the reveal, yet I haven't been feeling well these last couple of days.  I think it is just a viral thing, so I am looking forward to getting over it!

Since I am still working on the wristlet, I will probably post pictures of it when I am finished, and then maybe do another short little project this week, so I can still get a project in for this week.

As a side note, I finally found a great website that gave me a total understanding of squaring my fabric.  This practice is mostly used for fashion sewing, so that the fabric will drape correctly, but is also used in quilting.  I just get in the habit of doing it every time so that it is good practice for me.

Check out the website, and let me know what you think!  How to square your fabric!

See you soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sneak Peek...

Yesterday I finally went to Walmart to buy some fabric for the wristlet I am sewing.  I have put off this part of the process because I really wanted to get to Joanns and get some fabric, but alas, Joann's is not that close to me, and I did not want to drag my two children out with me to find fabric.  They are good kids, I just don't think I would come home having accomplished what I wanted in the store.  It would be more of a "grab and go" mentality with them coming along = ).

I perused the aisles of Walmart because I really wanted something beautiful and durable.  I kept thinking to myself, "What is speaking to me?"

I ended up finding the most perfect fabric!  It is so darling  (I don't know how else to describe it besides the word darling)!  I got a yard of it for $5.42 (I know, I wish it was less, but what the heck, it is beautiful).  Then I went to pick out my zipper, and found one that is a pretty aqua baby blue.  It didn't match perfectly, but I think it will do!

Ok, enough said!  I know you are thinking, "Show us the pictures, already!"

Here they are...

This fabric is just so pretty and vintage-looking to me!  I am ready to transform it!  I hope you stick around for the transformation, and I am sure a lot of you have some transformations of your own taking place!  Stay sew-filled!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Project reveal/ New project for March 22nd!

Good afternoon!  I am excited to show you the finished results of the grocery tube holder I sewed!  Actually, this project was SO EASY that it really is a shame!  I could have posted it much sooner, but I have not.  When I sat down to do this project I didn't know I would end up completing it in just over an hour, from  start to finish!  Those are the type of projects I like!  Also, there is a deep internal satisfaction that comes when you are nearing the end of sewing your project!  I have to contain myself when I get to those last few stitches because the anticipation of a new creation is so wonderful!

Here are some pictures for you to see..

I must say, I have used this a couple of times, and so far it is handy.  Making the casing to sew in the elastic on both ends was very easy, and anyone could do it well.  Would I change anything about it?  Maybe.  I do wish I had allowed for more room to put my hand in (so it is easier to fill the tube with the plastic bags), but all in all, it came out great!  I would recommend this pattern for beginners.  Speaking of which, that brings me to the project for this week...

And the new project for the week is...

A ZIPPERED WRISTLET!  Yes! Zippers!  I am excited about this one (I know, I am excited about each of my projects)!  Mostly because I have never sewn a zipper in before, and this project will not be as easy as the ones I have attempted so far.  It still comes from the Sew What! Bags book, on page 69, and it is the cutest thing!  In fact, I don't think I have any really cute fabric to sew this one from, so I may be off to the fabric store = ).

Stay sew-filled, until next time!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eyeglass case reveal & New Project

First, I must apologize about being late with this reveal.  This weekend was difficult for our family.  The kids have been battling sickness left and right, and I ended up in the ER with chest pain.  It could be stress, I guess, but I didn't want to take any chances.  It turned out to be pleuritic chest pain, probably caused by a muscle strain of some sort which I don't ever remember doing.

Needless to say, I got into high gear, and sewed the eyeglass case today.  The instructions for the project were beautiful, and very easy to follow, but I must say that I had a hard time.  Why?  Because there was a lot of hand sewing that I did not anticipate.  I guess that is a beginning sewer mistake.  It took me a good 2 1/2 hours of time to make the case, and though it turned out pretty, and I am happy with it, I can't think of making another one right now!  In fact, I don't want to look at another eyeglass case for a while!  I hope my mother-in-law will like this case, as I really put in a lot of effort for it.  I think it will be well loved = )

Here are some pictures of the case:

This is the back of the case, with the button flap

This is the flap, opening up to a flannel lining inside, to keep eyeglasses from scratching

These are my husband's sunglasses.  They don't fit in the case because they are a little too wide, but I already measured my mother-in-law's glasses, and since they are slim, they fit pefectly.  Also, I must say that doing the buttonhole on the sewing machine went much smoother than expected!  I still need more practice, but that is one thing that went by well even though I had never done it before!

And the new project for the week of March 15th is...

A grocery bag tube from the Sew What! Bags book.  This is a bag to store those grocery bags that you never know what to do with.  Hey, this way you can reuse them, instead of throwing them out!  This project is on page 61, and the big skill here is putting in elastic.  I have done that before, but this just looked so cute I had to give it a try.  Here's to a great sew-filled week!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project in progress...

Hello everyone!

This week's project is in progress, and so far I am liking how it's coming together!  I am using home dec cotton fabric for the outside of the eyeglass case, and the suggested flannel for the inside (so it doesn't scratch the glasses once inside).  I cut out the case, and I had a little help doing so from a rotary cutter that I just purchased yesterday from Joanns.  Yes, I know, I know, why did it take me so long to get a rotary cutter?  I really don't know, I guess I thought I never needed one, but boy was I wrong!  I now see how advantageous it is to have around.  I love knowing that my fabric is cut straight and correctly!  Well, I look forward to the reveal!  Here is the rotary cutter I bought if you are interested in one.  It is by Dritz, and it cuts like a dream--just be careful of those fingers!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Announcement for week of Mar. 8th!

This week's project comes from the Sew What! Bags book that I recently purchased (see here)  If you wear glasses, or know someone who wears glasses, then this one is for you!  It is an eyeglasses case!

The project is located on page 51 of the book, and is a simple little case for glasses.  However, there is an option to place a flap that buttons over the top of the case, and that is what drew me in to making this!  I have not used my sewing machine to make buttonholes yet, and though I am afraid of the prospect of it, I am willing to try it out!  So, if you are interested, sew along with me!  The case I make will be going to my mother-in-law, so you can always sew one and give it to someone who can use it.

Happy sewing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Table runner complete!

YAY!  I finished the table runner!  I am so excited to reveal the new table runner to you today!  I hope you enjoy the pictures...

That's all for now!  I must say, this project was a great one for beginners!  It really composed of sewing straight lines, and being knowledgeable about pressing the fabric.  Really, there were only two seams to press in the whole project!  It really gave me the confidence to approach the next project, which I will announce tomorrow.  The only adjustment I made to this runner was to make it so that it did not hang over my table.  I wanted it to be more of an accent, than to run all the way down the table.  All in all, I really like the way it turned out, and it only took about an hour to sew from start to finish, maybe a little less.

Feel free to give me some feedback about this project!  I would be happy to answer any questions, or receive any comments!  Until next time, stay sew filled!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing Goodies!

YAY!!  I always love when goodies come in the mail!  This time, I ordered some sewing books from a craft book club called Crafter's Choice.  So far, I am pleased with my purchase.  All of the books came in great condition (I ordered five), and they look like they have some great projects in them.  In fact, I cannot wait to get started on a lot of the projects in the books.  Of course I will be doing the EASY ones first!  Here is a list of the books I've received, as well as some photos, to follow...

Weekend Sewing
200 Sewing tips, techniques, and trade secrets
Sew What! Bags
One Yard Wonders
Chic & Simple Sewing

Awesome, right?  I plan on doing reviews on each book once I get more of the projects under my belt.  The 200 sewing tips book does not have any project (that I saw when I flipped through it) so I may review that one shortly, once I find out whether or not the information it gives is useful.

Now, for an update on this week's project, the table runner.  Well, I have washed and dried my "test" fabric, and I am pleased with the results.  I have cut the fabric for my runner, and I will run that through the washer tomorrow, with hopes to sew it together tomorrow as well.  Here is a sneak peek at the fabric:

Well, I look forward to revealing the finished project this weekend!  Stay tuned, and stay sew filled!