Sunday, March 7, 2010

Table runner complete!

YAY!  I finished the table runner!  I am so excited to reveal the new table runner to you today!  I hope you enjoy the pictures...

That's all for now!  I must say, this project was a great one for beginners!  It really composed of sewing straight lines, and being knowledgeable about pressing the fabric.  Really, there were only two seams to press in the whole project!  It really gave me the confidence to approach the next project, which I will announce tomorrow.  The only adjustment I made to this runner was to make it so that it did not hang over my table.  I wanted it to be more of an accent, than to run all the way down the table.  All in all, I really like the way it turned out, and it only took about an hour to sew from start to finish, maybe a little less.

Feel free to give me some feedback about this project!  I would be happy to answer any questions, or receive any comments!  Until next time, stay sew filled!

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