Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Entrenched in Burda

Good afternoon all!

I hope you are doing better than I am!

Now why did I think I could "whip up" a pair of pants just as quickly as I thought up the idea to sew them?  And why did I think I could tackle a new sewing magazine and there would be smooth sailing?  Sometimes I am an optimist!  Or an idealist?

So you can tell that I am still entrenched in Burda over here.  There are a lot of details to sewing these pants, so I decided to add a trusty resource to my sewing to room to help me when I ran into a snag:

It's a very thorough resource, and I like that it seems like they thought of most everything sewing related and threw it all in here.  This new edition features Simplicity sewing patterns as well.  So, for example, if you are reading the instructions for a fitted blouse, you can use a specific Simplicity pattern, and almost have your own one-on-one lesson.

Alas, there are no Burda patterns included in this book, but I am slowly but surely finding my way with my son's trousers.

That's all for now!  I hope you are having sewing success!

Stay sew-filled!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hideaway in my sewing room

It's another great week in September!  I finished off some shopping at Joann's on Friday, just as I said in my last post, and I was pleased to get the Burda pattern I mentioned, plus this additional one:

Now all I need to do is find some nice fabrics for my new finds.  I admit that fabric is one thing I don't purchase a lot because I am so darn picky!  I want that perfect find for my pattern, and if I am not convinced that the outcome will be beautiful, I wait until I see something else.  Similarly, I am the same way with clothes shopping.  I can see a lot of nice things, but I will wait until I have the perfect thing for me.  The downside is I do a lot of waiting when I can be more creative with nice pieces I see.  You know, like those bloggers that turn ordinary garments into something extraordinary by the accessories they add or the way in which they wear them.  I need a little more of that talent. = )

Anyhow, I didn't get to trace out the Burda trouser pattern as I hoped on Friday.  I was so excited about being out at Joann's without any little ones that I spent most of my time there, and had to remind myself to go and pick up my kids!  

Nevertheless, today I am dedicating my time to being in my sewing room.  I'm going to relax, bring some munchies, and enjoy the process!

Stay sew-filled!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Moving along

Good Friday morning!

Boy do I have plans for today!  I have to make a trip to Joann's, and then I will be working on Burda 146A boys trousers.  I decided to sew a size 110 cm after taking all of my son's sizes.  He seemed to be a little below some of the sizing for chest and waist, but average on hips and length.  So I think the pants will end up fitting him just fine and I won't have to adjust them too much.

The fabric I am using is a black cotton twill.  It will be my first time sewing with this type of fabric, and I like the thought of using it for these trousers because they will be easy to dress up or down.  My son is the kind of boy that likes to dress up for church, and when he does he goes all the way with suit, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes.  It is a bit much sometimes, so these pants will allow him to still get dressed up without adding all the extras.

My only hesitation in getting started is figuring out the crazy road map of Burda pattern sheets.  I am wondering if they are like Ottobre, or if they are much different.  I imagine it will be much simpler to trace than I think it is, or so I hope!  Speaking of tracing paper, I need to grab some of that too..

Hopefully you are all ready for the weekend!  Have a great one, and I'll see you on Monday!

Stay sew-filled!

And I haven't even unfolded it yet!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burda patterns on sale!

I honestly thought my eyes were deceiving me when I was glancing through the Joann's circular a few days ago.  It says that Burda patterns are on sale for 2.49!  Really?  For as long as I have been going to Joann's I have NEVER seen Burda patterns on sale.  Actually, for this reason I usually skip over the Burda patterns because I am distracted by the other pattern sales going on.

So yes, Burda patterns are on sale, and to commemorate the occasion I had to start doing some research about what new patterns they had out now.  I took at look at the Fall collection, but was not impressed with many of the pieces.  You can view that here if you are interested.  Instead, I looked at my wishlist on Patternreview.com and saw that I had a Burda pattern I wanted to purchase but never got around to.  It is as follows:


Okay, can you say LOVE at first sight?  This is from last year's fall collection, and I love that this could be a nice basic piece to go to with helping transition (I'm learning) to fall.  And besides that, it is rated very easy, or "sehr leicht (I love that my mom is German)"  Which translates to "a piece great for a busy mom."  I don't have any garments with cowl necklines, either, so it would be fun to try.  If Joann's has this one, I MUST get it!

Other than that, I will be controlling myself.  I really have so many patterns accumulated right now that there is not a need for any more, only wants.  Besides, I'd rather invest in fabric, which is running surprisingly scarce for me right now.

So if you are interested in some Burda patterns now would be a good time.

Have a great day, and stay sew-filled!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready, set, go!

Hello, hello, hello!!!!!

I am so glad to be back after deciding to take a break from blogging.  Trust me, I did not realize how much I needed a break until I took one.  It was wonderful to simplify my schedule and not stress myself out with a long list of "things to do."

So I'm sure you're wondering what I have in store now that I had all this time to collect myself.
Actually, my next project has to do with the fact that today is the first day of preschool for my two little ones. I cannot explain the amount of jubilee that I felt in dropping them off!! Finally, I am free (cue sinister laugh)!!  OK, I'm not really free, but I do appreciate having my own free time for the first time since having children.

To prepare for their first day of preschool, the hubby and I spent this past Labor Day weekend shopping for school clothing and supplies.  We got a lot of things that the kids could wear as the weather gets cooler, but I have to admit that I am so bad at transitional wear.  I am such a "get it as it comes" person with some things, and a "prepared" person with other things.  So I am so thankful that I sew!  That way I can fill in the gaps of what the kids need as they need them.

And right now my son needs more pairs of pants.  I think I have missed the opportunity to sew him a pair of shorts (or maybe not, it stays hot here late into the year), but he could always use a pair of pants.  So that is what is next on my agenda...

Remember these pants from Burda magazine??

Well these are a great pair of pants to get me sewing again!  I will get a chance to try out a Burda pattern for the first time, and if all things turn out well, I will get to put another smile on my son's face!

After these pants are done, I will have to really hit the ground running with my Tim Gunn Sew Along if I plan to finish all the pieces by the end of this year!  Sigh! One step at a time!

Well, I am so glad to be back!!  I hope all of you are enjoying your September so far.

Stay sew-filled!