Friday, September 9, 2011

Moving along

Good Friday morning!

Boy do I have plans for today!  I have to make a trip to Joann's, and then I will be working on Burda 146A boys trousers.  I decided to sew a size 110 cm after taking all of my son's sizes.  He seemed to be a little below some of the sizing for chest and waist, but average on hips and length.  So I think the pants will end up fitting him just fine and I won't have to adjust them too much.

The fabric I am using is a black cotton twill.  It will be my first time sewing with this type of fabric, and I like the thought of using it for these trousers because they will be easy to dress up or down.  My son is the kind of boy that likes to dress up for church, and when he does he goes all the way with suit, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes.  It is a bit much sometimes, so these pants will allow him to still get dressed up without adding all the extras.

My only hesitation in getting started is figuring out the crazy road map of Burda pattern sheets.  I am wondering if they are like Ottobre, or if they are much different.  I imagine it will be much simpler to trace than I think it is, or so I hope!  Speaking of tracing paper, I need to grab some of that too..

Hopefully you are all ready for the weekend!  Have a great one, and I'll see you on Monday!

Stay sew-filled!

And I haven't even unfolded it yet!

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  1. Tracing Burda patterns can be tricky but once you get going they're not usually quite as bad as they first look! Good luck!


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