Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next up...

Hello, and a happy March to all of you!!

I am just getting back into town after celebrating my sister's baby shower this past weekend, and I am ready to start a new project.  However, I have to finish it this week, or I will not give myself enough time to sew for Easter (which is March 31st!!!).

So, I pulled out a new pattern I just bought for my daughter a couple of weeks ago..

I have chosen some fabrics I already have on hand, and come up with a rough draft the two pieces I have chosen:

This isn't exactly to scale, but View B is a dress that I may shorten to be more of a tunic.  View A is a pair of leggings from leftover stretch denim I have.

I am hoping I really like this pattern, because my daughter likes all of the views on the envelope and that rarely happens!  She still wants me to make the skirt (F), and shirts (E,D).  I am happy to be working on this "new" outfit for her.

Stay sew-filled!