Monday, May 30, 2011

There's a first time for everything!

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day holiday.  Our weekend was pretty packed, seeing that my little princess turned "2" on Saturday!!  She is turning into such a sweet, bubbly, sociable little girl!  Her favorite thing to do is wave--at everybody!!  And if she really likes you, she will blow you kisses!  And I am talking about blowing kisses to complete strangers.  Personally I like to think she spreads her cheerfulness wherever she goes, and the Lord knows this world needs more cheerfulness!

So I spent most of Friday hunting down Dora the Explorer items so that she could have a great day because my daughter LOVES Dora!!  We decided to have a small celebration of just family, and forego a party this year, but I still wanted to go that extra mile and do something I have never done before.  I headed to Hobby Lobby and perused their cake decorating aisle.  There were so many wonderful cake tins, icings, decorating tips, etc., but I chose a Dora cake tin, that when decorated, is supposed to look like this:

I started out trying to decorate the cake in the way it is shown with all of the tiny starbursts close together, but my icing was not cooperating with me.  It would not keep the starburst form, and was melting.  So after trying, but failing, to cool the icing, I decided (for time's sake) to outline all the main details and "flood" the icing colors.  This is how it turned out:

I'd like to introduce you to my first ever decorated cake!!  I was pleased that the end result actually looked like Dora, and so was my son.  With every new color I added he cheered me on, but when I added the white for the eyes, my son started to jump around and exclaim "Mommy look!  It's really Dora!"  Yes, son, it really is.  She emerged from all of my hard work, and I tried to keep the cake intact as long as possible, but alas, we really did have to sing happy birthday and get on with the day!

And what a Happy Birthday it was too!

Sewing Update:  Earlier today I headed to Joann's in search of knit fabric for my baby shower gift, but left in utter disappointment.  I checked out two other stores with no prospects in site.  Do I really want to order online, have it get here, then rush to get an outfit sewn up, all while making sure everything else shower-related gets done?  That is the question...

I'll let you know what I come up with!

Stay sew-filled!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burda and baby

It seems like, once again, I have so much to tell you!!  Let me start with what seemed to be wonderful news on Mother's Day last month: my husband got me a three month subscription to Burda Style magazine!!!  Yay!  He really was listening!  Oh, and the three months is only for me to try it out and see if I really like it before we commit to more issues (and because the feedback on Burda Style has been so up and down each month).

So, look what came in the mail yesterday:

Burda Style June 2011
I think I happy danced my way from my mailbox all the way back into the house!  However, my excitement was shortlived when I started thumbing through the magazine, and realizing that I wasn't into flowy styles of the June issue.  

On the bright side, I do like that this issue contains a lot of garments that a beginner sewing can sew.  I just wish that some of the styles were more like my own style, but maybe I need to use my imagination a bit more...

Here is a look-see at the ones I think may be worth my while to sew:

Dress 107 B
This dress has clean, simple lines, with a nice V-neck and pockets.  There is nothing spectacular here, but a great comfy dress to ease into sewing from Burda Style magazine.

Long Jacket 126
Okay, so this is a plus-sized jacket, but I just love it!  It is made from a lightweight jersey in the photo, and it would be a great addition to most outfits.

Jacket 115 A

Trouser 114 B

These two pieces are probably not in my skill set for right now, but it is a pantsuit made from cotton-silk-satin.  It looks very luxe, and I like wide leg dress pants.

Lastly, here is the piece that I think I am going to attempt as my first Burda style garment...

Top 113 A
This top is summer sassy, and marked "easy."  As a matter of fact, there is also a tutorial for this top located in the magazine!!  Yay, that is just what I need!  Though this top doesn't look to be too difficult, and I think I could manage on my own, it will be nice to have a visual photo to fall back on!

Not sure when I will make this one considering all the things I put on my plate, but I just may surprise you one day..

I also found a cute hooded shirt with Bermuda shorts for my son:
Hooded shirt 136

Shorts 135 A

So even though I wasn't super pleased by the Burda Style issue, maybe it's good that I didn't find a bunch of things I wanted to sew, seeing how I am (just a little) behind for the year!  Next month looks a little more promising, with more dresses and feminine touches.

Moving on to the "baby" side of this post, I have narrowed down what I am sewing for my bestie's baby boy (due in July).  I decided to go with my Kwik Sew Sewing for Baby book because I really could use a "quick" sew!  No, really!  I could!  

If you remember from my last post, I am hosting my bestie's baby shower June 4th and I need to not be sewing last minute.  So...I am planning on heading to the fabric store this weekend to pick up fabric for one (or more) of these choices...

This little guy is Kwik Sew's jogging suit for babies (I have the older version of this book).  Since my bestie's baby will be born in July, I was thinking of making a size 3-6 months so that he will be able to wear this outfit in the cooler weather.

And this little guy is wearing Kwik Sew's baby overall pattern.  I think overalls are adorable on babies!  I would definitely have to add snaps to the crotch, though, because it would be too inconvenient during changing time if I didn't.  I think I may go for 3-6 months on this one as well.

Finally, either I will opt for Kwik Sew's shirt, or this one from Ottobre magazine.  I like the idea of raglan sleeves because they are much easier to sew than set-in.

Some last bits of info for you if you are not overloaded with information by now--I am in the midst of another allergic reaction on my face.  I think eyeshadow may be the culprit this time, but am not sure.  It really sucks because I cannot seem to figure out what I allergic too, and the rashes look horrible!  I am trying a lot of herbal supplements to address the issue, and see if that helps my sensitized immune system.

Also, I think you may have guessed that I have put NL6034 aside for the time being.  If I'm being honest, I am not even sure when I will be able to get to the things I have planned now.  I'm gonna have to sit down TODAY and map out a plan.

I hope you are all enjoying the weather in your neck of the woods.  It is sunny and pretty here in GA, though hitting the mid 90s this week for the first time was a bit uncomfortable.  My oldest (4) is out of school now, and summer camp is looking very tantalizing...

Stay sew-filled!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Butterick favorites?

Hello all!

I had the weirdest thing happen on my blog.  I posted a page 1 day ago with my Butterick favorites and an update on how I've been doing, published it, and check my blog today to find that my post has disappeared!  I can't find it anywhere!!  Well, I did get the comment from Jenna about liking Butterick 5638, and asking me whether or not I was considering Ottobre for some sewing I was going to do for a friend (more on that later).  Anyhow, thank you Jenna for your comment!  You've been doing some great sewing, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!  You can check out Jenna's blog here.

Okay, so here are my favorites for the new Butterick summer patterns (there are only a few):


I'll start with the dress Jenna liked.  It's a sheath dress with a V-neck accent, and princess seams.  It has a pretty silhouette, and it is part of a new type of pattern Butterick is introducing that includes cup sizing for a better fit.  The pattern has a fabric tie belt, but I also love the pic where they have accessorized with their own belt.  A very cute style!

Next is a tunic and dress.  I really like the shape of the neckline on this top.  It is reminiscent of what I am working on now (NL6034).  The length of the dress in the top right corner is what I am drawn too, and the gray top on the bottom right hand corner as well.

This top is so cute with the accent on the shoulder.  For me, it is what makes an ordinary top like this special.
Here is a pic of all the styles offered:

I must say that I like the way a lot of these patterns are incorporating border prints.  The border print makes the top on the far left stand out a little more.  I would love to try this one day.

My last two favorites were kids patterns, only because I haven't sewn a thing for my children in months now.  It feels weird, because I was used to sewing for them so consistently and not for myself.  I definitely used a lot LESS fabric!!! 



And just for fun, why not go green and sew a shopping bag for those trips to the store?  I have been doing some serious couponing at the drugstores, and my reusable bags come in handy.  Although I got my bags from my mom, I wouldn't be opposed to sewing something as pretty as these:

Cute, right?  That one is Butterick 5635.  If you are interested in looking at all the summer patterns, then click here.  I didn't see as many patterns that I'd like to sew as I usually do, but then again, that may be a good thing!

Update on me: We are all doing well.  We just got back from being out of town, and have been thrown into the things of life, as always.  I have been a little overwhelmed with finishing up NL6034, but I am trying to take it in manageable pieces.

I still love and treasure my blog and my blog followers, though!  Thank you all for coming by and reading about my "sew-filled" life.

I have a baby shower that I am hosting June 4th for my bestie, who is pregnant with her first baby, a boy!  So, I have plans to sew something special for her little man.  Of course I haven't even picked anything out yet.  I just know I want her to be pleasantly surprised.  She is always talking about the things I sew, and she is such a supporter of every garment I have made.

To answer Jenna's question about whether or not I will use Ottobre, I am not sure yet.  I have perused the two issues I have, and I don't remember seeing anything that would work well for a summer baby, unless I made something in a bigger size for later.  However, I am contemplating using Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby.  If that works out well, I will probably sew a couple of things from there.  Somewhere in this month I will finish NL6034 and my bestie's baby clothes project so stay tuned.  There may be some rearranging of my plans, but stay tuned...

Stay sew-filled!  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Butterick favorites?'s been a while since I sat down to put my thoughts on screen.  How is everyone?  Me, I am getting along.  I just got back from visiting family last week, and I have been too bothered with other things to bother with my own blog.  It's sad, but true.  I usually give my blog priority, but other things have been creeping their way in.

Like Dancing with the Stars for instance.  And then my Tuesday meetings with a friend of mine for socializing and prayer.  Oh, and my Wednesday night couponing class (which will be ending soon).  This Thursday is also my son's spring program/art show, and Friday is bible study night.  Somewhere in all of this, I used to find time during my kids' naps to sew, but lately it has been housework, and more housework.

Are you feeling sorry for me yet??

Ok, I just wanted you all to know that I still treasure my blog, and my blog followers!!  And I am still dedicated to finishing my Tim Gunn sew along.  Maybe you can leave pieces of advice for me to get some inspiration flowing, and motivate me to get back to sewing.

In the meantime, the new Butterick summer patterns are out!  You can check them out here.  I'm just going to pick a few favorites, as I didn't really have that many this time around.

I really like this dress!  It is a basic sheath dress with princess seaming and an interesting neckline.  The pattern comes with a fabric tie belt, but I like the way the model used her own belt.  Also, Butterick is starting to introduce adjustable cup sizes to ensure a better fit.  Yay!


Ok, my favorites for this style is the dress located toward the upper right hand corner that is knee length, and the gray tunic top on the bottom right hand corner.  I like the shape of the bodice, and think it is a neat design element repeated in the dress and top.  The pink dress is cute too, however I must mention that I saw a dress just like it--in the toddler section as I was browsing dresses for my daughter!  Do I feel a mother-daughter dress combination coming on??  One day...Oh, and this is another adjustable cup size pattern!

And this little number is so cute!!  I love the little detail on one shoulder!


Of course you can't go wrong with infant apparel, right?  It has been so long since I made anything for my kids so I thought this was cute.


Here is another pattern for children that I found adorable.  I love the dress on the left!  The mix of prints blends well, and is a cute summer dress.

Well, that is all I found interesting with Butterick's new patterns, you may discover some other ones you like.

As far as my sewing plans go, I am still working on New Look 6034.  Maybe it's the thought of the whole outfit that makes me feel overwhelmed, or all the interfacing of the collar, but I am going to try sewing in manageable time slots for the rest of this week.

Also, coming later down the pipe, my bestie is having her first baby (a boy) in July and I am hosting her baby shower in June!  So...I really want to sew something special for her little man, but have not picked anything yet.  In order to have it done by June 4th I need to get on the ball!!  So look forward to seeing what I come up with.  I may be putting New Look 6034 aside if need be, but I'll let you know.

If you have any other advice to help me get back in sewing stride, please share!

Stay sew-filled!