Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burda and baby

It seems like, once again, I have so much to tell you!!  Let me start with what seemed to be wonderful news on Mother's Day last month: my husband got me a three month subscription to Burda Style magazine!!!  Yay!  He really was listening!  Oh, and the three months is only for me to try it out and see if I really like it before we commit to more issues (and because the feedback on Burda Style has been so up and down each month).

So, look what came in the mail yesterday:

Burda Style June 2011
I think I happy danced my way from my mailbox all the way back into the house!  However, my excitement was shortlived when I started thumbing through the magazine, and realizing that I wasn't into flowy styles of the June issue.  

On the bright side, I do like that this issue contains a lot of garments that a beginner sewing can sew.  I just wish that some of the styles were more like my own style, but maybe I need to use my imagination a bit more...

Here is a look-see at the ones I think may be worth my while to sew:

Dress 107 B
This dress has clean, simple lines, with a nice V-neck and pockets.  There is nothing spectacular here, but a great comfy dress to ease into sewing from Burda Style magazine.

Long Jacket 126
Okay, so this is a plus-sized jacket, but I just love it!  It is made from a lightweight jersey in the photo, and it would be a great addition to most outfits.

Jacket 115 A

Trouser 114 B

These two pieces are probably not in my skill set for right now, but it is a pantsuit made from cotton-silk-satin.  It looks very luxe, and I like wide leg dress pants.

Lastly, here is the piece that I think I am going to attempt as my first Burda style garment...

Top 113 A
This top is summer sassy, and marked "easy."  As a matter of fact, there is also a tutorial for this top located in the magazine!!  Yay, that is just what I need!  Though this top doesn't look to be too difficult, and I think I could manage on my own, it will be nice to have a visual photo to fall back on!

Not sure when I will make this one considering all the things I put on my plate, but I just may surprise you one day..

I also found a cute hooded shirt with Bermuda shorts for my son:
Hooded shirt 136

Shorts 135 A

So even though I wasn't super pleased by the Burda Style issue, maybe it's good that I didn't find a bunch of things I wanted to sew, seeing how I am (just a little) behind for the year!  Next month looks a little more promising, with more dresses and feminine touches.

Moving on to the "baby" side of this post, I have narrowed down what I am sewing for my bestie's baby boy (due in July).  I decided to go with my Kwik Sew Sewing for Baby book because I really could use a "quick" sew!  No, really!  I could!  

If you remember from my last post, I am hosting my bestie's baby shower June 4th and I need to not be sewing last minute.  So...I am planning on heading to the fabric store this weekend to pick up fabric for one (or more) of these choices...

This little guy is Kwik Sew's jogging suit for babies (I have the older version of this book).  Since my bestie's baby will be born in July, I was thinking of making a size 3-6 months so that he will be able to wear this outfit in the cooler weather.

And this little guy is wearing Kwik Sew's baby overall pattern.  I think overalls are adorable on babies!  I would definitely have to add snaps to the crotch, though, because it would be too inconvenient during changing time if I didn't.  I think I may go for 3-6 months on this one as well.

Finally, either I will opt for Kwik Sew's shirt, or this one from Ottobre magazine.  I like the idea of raglan sleeves because they are much easier to sew than set-in.

Some last bits of info for you if you are not overloaded with information by now--I am in the midst of another allergic reaction on my face.  I think eyeshadow may be the culprit this time, but am not sure.  It really sucks because I cannot seem to figure out what I allergic too, and the rashes look horrible!  I am trying a lot of herbal supplements to address the issue, and see if that helps my sensitized immune system.

Also, I think you may have guessed that I have put NL6034 aside for the time being.  If I'm being honest, I am not even sure when I will be able to get to the things I have planned now.  I'm gonna have to sit down TODAY and map out a plan.

I hope you are all enjoying the weather in your neck of the woods.  It is sunny and pretty here in GA, though hitting the mid 90s this week for the first time was a bit uncomfortable.  My oldest (4) is out of school now, and summer camp is looking very tantalizing...

Stay sew-filled!!


  1. I hope the next two issues of Burda make up for the June issue. I wasn't impressed with it either, and my subscription just ran out with this last issue. I am really contemplating whether I want to renew. Have fun with the baby clothes. I love an excuse to make such tiny things.

  2. I think that the top that you have picked out for your first Burda garment is an excellent choice. This month's wasn't my favourite issue but in general I do love the magazine and wouldn't want to be without it. I hope you sort out your allergic reaction problem soon, I'm thinking good wishes for you.

  3. Hope your allergic reaction has gone away!!

    I ran out of steam on NL6034 myself!!


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