Monday, January 25, 2016

Fabric Haul, and January project countdown

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing my most recent fabric haul from Denver Fabrics!!  For some reason, I seem to gravitate toward this site for most of my fabric purchases. Mostly because I have not been disappointed with the fabric cuts I've received, and the pricing is reasonable. In fact, I usually shop during their sale times, and they quite frequently have sales going on!

As far as a downside goes, the only one I can think of is shipping time. Now granted, you do get a tracking number once your order ships, but I would never order here while in a hurry--unless you pay for faster shipping.  I usually don't see my orders for up to 7-10 business days later (yikes). But, since I never order fabrics I need immediately, that doesn't bother me.

Now, on to the fabric!!!!!

The main goal with this shopping spree was to pick up a few things for me, and a few things for my lovely daughter:

This first fabric is a pink/black zebra jersey knit for my little lady. I definitely look at it and think of a pillowcase, but this will probably be great for a cute skirt or dress!

Here is another pretty one for my daughter. It is a hibiscus red rayon jersey knit that drapes beautifully, and feels so soft!  This will probably be another dress.

This next one is my favorite!! It is a hot pint leopard print jersey! Talk about stylish, fun, and oh-so-girly! I want to use this one for myself, lol!

I'm thinking a leopard jumpsuit would be nice for my daughter:

The last two fabrics are for me!!! The first is a black jersey knit. The next one one is a white/black jersey print:

I plan on marrying these two fabrics together, and working on mother-daughter dresses this year. It will be fun! The pattern is from last year's Ottobre:

The best part will be figuring out which month I will sew these! I definitely love the "one project a month" flow that I am on now, but I am realizing I only have roughly five days left to finish my January project!!!!! I am still figuring out pattern adjustments, so I will have to manage my time well in order to meet the deadline.

I hope you are all staying warm and well!

Stay sew-filled!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Ottobre Spring love!

Hey everyone!

I cannot tell you how impressed I continue to be with the designs in the Ottobre magazine!!  If you enjoy sewing for children, then you HAVE to check this magazine out!  Even if you don't subscribe, you can always purchase your favorite individual issues (or even back issues) from websites such as The Wooly Thread.  They are a US subscription agent that also handles individual requests. I have had a pleasurable experience with them, and recommend their services!

Now, on to the Spring Ottobre issue!!

I got my issue in the mail this past Saturday, though I had already taken a SNEAK PEEK on Ottobre's website two days before!  Honestly, there are SO many great designs in here!!!

Here's what I liked:

On the left, the cotton dress paired with leggings is adorable, and perfect for spring! My daughter is a huge leggings fan, and I love that the combination is simple, but still has a cute sense of style.

On the right, the style is similar, but oh-so-fun with the nicely placed triangles and color blocking. What fun!

And how about this cute combination? The tank top on the left with the scalloped edge, and scalloped leggings are another unique feature that is great for kids. My daughter really liked the floral dress with the droplet pockets too! She has a BIG wishlist for this issue!

And on to more COLOR we go! The left shows a cute Raglan t-shirt paired with pants with tapered legs. Of course, the bright pastel colors are what bring everything together. I would love to sew another pair of Ottobre pants this year. I made some for my son, but never my daughter. I liked how much they resembled RTW, and the fit was super!!

The dress on the right also has Raglan sleeves. I can imagine that having this one in multiples would make everyday dressing pleasant.

For older girls, I am enjoying this Raglan sleeve tunic! The front yoke slit at the neckline, combined with the slanted pockets make this tunic shine.  Also, the pants are stellar with double welt pockets on the back, and wide bottom hems that can be worn down or cuffed.

Let's not forget about the boys!! I won't go through the entire magazine, but I will show you my two faves. The first is this denim vest on the left! I LOVE this! Too bad my son won't wear it, lol! Believe me, I tried, but he just didn't understand my excitement.  The hoodie shown is also cool. I love the touches of contrast colors in the placket, along the side seams, and in the hood itself. 

And those pants!!!! So stylish, with a mock fly and elasticized waist.  

My other fave, and a shirt my son WOULD wear, is this one right here!! It is made from a sweatshirt knit, and features hem panels, collar stand, and a front placket. It is where cool and edge come together.

I also love the pants shown here too.

Last, but not least, who wouldn't want to wrap up with a cute baby????? She is too adorable to leave out, and this ensemble is perfect for any sweet little baby girl you may know. These four pieces make lovely outfits, but the denim jersey pinafore dress with front and back pockets is too cute for words!!

So, as you can see, there is a LOT to LOVE in this latest Ottobre issue. In fact, there is so much more that I didn't even get to show you!! If you want to check out the ENTIRE issue, you can go to Ottobre's website here.

I hope you have enjoyed my recap. I ordered some fabrics for my daughter and me last week, and they should be in soon.  Once they come in, I may do a fabric haul for you, if you are interested!

Enjoy your week, and stay sew-filled!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Project for January

Hello all!

I'd like to introduce you to my project choice for the month of January:

As soon as I saw this tunic in the My Image magazine, I knew it would be one I wanted to make! basically live in tunic, skinny jeans, and boots as soon as the weather gets cold, and this doesn't seem like an intimidating project to get me going again.

I will definitely have to make a slight adjustment for the waist, since this pattern is for plus-size ladies. That will ensure that I won't be swimming in the garment. But I do plan on sewing the smallest size, 42 cm.

I have chosen a fabric from my stash (pictured above), a cotton knit purchased from Joanns a LONG time ago. This will be the first pattern I have ever made from My Image, so I hope the experience is a good one. I have heard that their instructions, in older issues, can be difficult to follow.  However, I believe they have improved their issues a lot, and look forward to seeing how this garment turns out. Besides, I chose something easy, so I hope that helps, lol!!!

My goal is to get everything traced out and adjusted for this week.

By the way, thanks to an awesome recommendation from Annie from The Enantiomer Project, I joined the Facebook group MAGAM (Make A Garment A Month).  It falls in line with my "Easy as Pie" Sewing Plan, and seems like a wonderful, encouraging place for those who appreciate sewing. Check it out if you like!

Stay sew-filled!