Friday, July 24, 2015

Look at my feet!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to go over a few of my recent sewing-related purchases. Since I knew I wanted to jump back into sewing again, I tried to think of things that would make my life..easier.  You know, some handy items that help you to cut corners...a little bit (lol).  I came up with sewing machine feet!!!! I have a few basic ones already, but I decided that I wanted to venture out and purchase a few more.  Here's what I got:

1. Walking foot
Now, if you are a reader of my blog, you probably already know that I have a walking foot already. In fact, I use my walking foot for pretty much EVERY fabric I sew--especially since I mainly sew knits. It helps the fabrics to feed evenly, and makes sewing a dream.  So why did I need another one? Well, my old one has seen better days, and it really needed to be upgraded. It was a cheapie I got on Ebay, and I think the parts are mostly plastic, so I knew it wouldn't last forever. I'm so excited to use this one soon!

Now this foot does a narrow rolled hem in one step! I remember working on a project last year, and working with a more slippery fabric, trying to create a narrow rolled hem. I was so frustrated! I loved the finished look, but it took me a while to accomplish it. No more! This foot will definitely be getting lots of usage!

Topstitch much? Need a little help making sure your topstitching is straight and even? Try an Edgestitch foot. I think this one is also called by other names, but it basically has an adjustable guide that will help you to achieve straight stitching. My only topstitching has been on the jeans I started (but haven't yet finished) and though my lines are nice and straight, I sewed VERY SLOWLY in order to get them that way. I'm looking forward to trying this one out and seeing if it will help me speed up just a little bit.

I also considered getting a gathering foot, but very quickly remembered that my Brother serger has one INCLUDED!  I have been watching the video tutorial for that feature, and plan on practicing on scraps this weekend. It looks pretty easy, though.

I have been storing my "feet" in a bin from Hobby Lobby , and plan on buying more down the road, once I can decide what I would need, and how it can benefit my sewing. 

If you would like any more information on Sewing Machine Feet, you can check out Craftsy's FREE class. It has information on basic feet (if you are just getting started), and more advanced ones too. 

Stay sew-filled!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Let's start at the very beginning...

(Sound of Music style)

Let's start at the very beginnning, 
a very good place to start. 

When you read you begin with A, B, C.

When you sew you begin with a straight seam... (LOL)

Hello everyone!!!! OH, how I have missed YOU!! I know I have been away for far too long, and not only have I missed YOU...I have missed SEWING!!!!

A few of you even emailed me, or commented on my blog during my long absence, and I thank you for it. To be honest, I was so entrenched in family life and activities that sewing got squeezed out. And then somehow I messed up on my computer and deleted the file folder that contained all the photo content for my blog. That is why you see a lot of error symbols where those photos should be. I didn't have the heart to sort out that mess, so I let it be.  In fact, up until last weekend, my sewing room was in complete disarray, and I hadn't sewn a single stitch. I go again...starting from the very beginning.

You see, I just couldn't get myself to get rid of my blog. I thought about it. I really did! I kept thinking, "you're not really doing anything with it" and "who knows when you will sew again," but I couldn't let go of this space.

My love for blogging and sewing has never died. No matter how busy and crazy my life has gotten, this passion has continued to lie dormit. And now, I am ready to re-awaken it!

This is the reason why I AM BACK!

Road trip this summer with hubby & kids (my first time in braids)

I plan to sew for fun, and include things for my family as well.  For this reason, I decided to SUBSCRIBE to Ottobre Design Magazine!! Yay!

Here is the Spring/Summer issue I received for subscribing. There are SO many adorable patterns for kids!! I want to sew them ALL! Here are some of my faves:

This is the cutest jumper! I love the back detail too! Does this come in an adult size too? LOL!

Here is a dress with the same keyhole back feature! And, you can't go wrong with leggings. My daughter wears a lot of them.

These Bermuda shorts are just what my son wants!!  I love the father-son matching theme. My son, who is 8, still thinks matching his dad is cool.  He doesn't want me to show him love and affection, though.

Just so moms don't feel left out, there is a mother-daughter ensemble as well! Talk about awesome!

I even received the Fall/Winter issue as well, and it is just as amazing! 

I'll have to highlight this one in a future blog post, but I am really enjoying the brilliant designs Ottobre features. I often have a hard time sewing for my son, and the variety for his age is great, without looking outdated.

I am also trying another sewing magazine too! This one is called My Image. I have seen it around, and browsed some of their patterns from time to time, but never wanted to purchase it until their Fall/Winter issue came out.  

You'll have to take my word for it since I was too lazy to take photos of some of the styles in the magazine, but there is a great cardigan, a few tunics, dresses, leggings, and a jacket that are all lovely! You can browse the magazine here if you'd like to take a look for yourself. The magazine is super affordable, and I am looking forward to seeing how their patterns fit.

That's all I will reveal about my preparations for now. I have some more things to share with you in the coming days.

For now, I am glad to be back.

Here's to staying sew-filled!