Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burda patterns on sale!

I honestly thought my eyes were deceiving me when I was glancing through the Joann's circular a few days ago.  It says that Burda patterns are on sale for 2.49!  Really?  For as long as I have been going to Joann's I have NEVER seen Burda patterns on sale.  Actually, for this reason I usually skip over the Burda patterns because I am distracted by the other pattern sales going on.

So yes, Burda patterns are on sale, and to commemorate the occasion I had to start doing some research about what new patterns they had out now.  I took at look at the Fall collection, but was not impressed with many of the pieces.  You can view that here if you are interested.  Instead, I looked at my wishlist on and saw that I had a Burda pattern I wanted to purchase but never got around to.  It is as follows:


Okay, can you say LOVE at first sight?  This is from last year's fall collection, and I love that this could be a nice basic piece to go to with helping transition (I'm learning) to fall.  And besides that, it is rated very easy, or "sehr leicht (I love that my mom is German)"  Which translates to "a piece great for a busy mom."  I don't have any garments with cowl necklines, either, so it would be fun to try.  If Joann's has this one, I MUST get it!

Other than that, I will be controlling myself.  I really have so many patterns accumulated right now that there is not a need for any more, only wants.  Besides, I'd rather invest in fabric, which is running surprisingly scarce for me right now.

So if you are interested in some Burda patterns now would be a good time.

Have a great day, and stay sew-filled!


  1. I wish there was a Joann's close to me and I would be all over this sale.

  2. I thought the same thing! Burda for $2.49? NO WAY! I would have gone tonight but there's flooding again and Joann's is on a major road that's backed up when the weather is beautiful so I didn't want to drive on it tonight. Maybe I can look at it like the rain saved me some ca$h.

    Anyhoo, welcome back from your blogging break!

  3. Welcome back Vanessa! Oh how I wish there was a Jo-Ann's where I live. $2.49 is such a great price. The t-shirt pattern you hope to get does look like a fantastic addition to your wardrobe!

  4. I was just as surprised that JoAnn put their Burdas on sale but then again considering Hancock did the same $2.49 sale shortly after they started carrying Burda again at the beginning of the year . . . I told my daughter that these two stores "watch" each other. I, too, had to consult my wish list on Patternreview. I'm glad that the pattern is still in print; unfortunately it's for summer.

  5. You solved a mystery for me! I returned some patterns to Joann's (w/o a receipt) and was surprised that the Burda's came up at such a low price. I buy patterns on sale, so don't bother keeping the receipts to return them, except for Burda, of course. I ended up keeping them - better to pass them on to a friend. I'm very happy to find out that Joann's is now having periodic sales on these patterns! (We were travelling in August/September so I didn't see the circular.) Thank you!


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