Monday, March 22, 2010

Project reveal/ New project for March 22nd!

Good afternoon!  I am excited to show you the finished results of the grocery tube holder I sewed!  Actually, this project was SO EASY that it really is a shame!  I could have posted it much sooner, but I have not.  When I sat down to do this project I didn't know I would end up completing it in just over an hour, from  start to finish!  Those are the type of projects I like!  Also, there is a deep internal satisfaction that comes when you are nearing the end of sewing your project!  I have to contain myself when I get to those last few stitches because the anticipation of a new creation is so wonderful!

Here are some pictures for you to see..

I must say, I have used this a couple of times, and so far it is handy.  Making the casing to sew in the elastic on both ends was very easy, and anyone could do it well.  Would I change anything about it?  Maybe.  I do wish I had allowed for more room to put my hand in (so it is easier to fill the tube with the plastic bags), but all in all, it came out great!  I would recommend this pattern for beginners.  Speaking of which, that brings me to the project for this week...

And the new project for the week is...

A ZIPPERED WRISTLET!  Yes! Zippers!  I am excited about this one (I know, I am excited about each of my projects)!  Mostly because I have never sewn a zipper in before, and this project will not be as easy as the ones I have attempted so far.  It still comes from the Sew What! Bags book, on page 69, and it is the cutest thing!  In fact, I don't think I have any really cute fabric to sew this one from, so I may be off to the fabric store = ).

Stay sew-filled, until next time!

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