Monday, February 27, 2017

Mccalls and Butterick Spring 2017 Picks

Hello everyone!

A week or so ago I was watching Mccall's Youtube channel, and going completely ga-ga over some sneak peaks of their Spring patterns.  That video led to me incessantly checking and re-checking their page for the new collection, while also researching upcoming pattern sales.  I will definitely think long and hard before I make any purchases, since I am mostly using what I have, but these pattern companies are making it SO hard, lol!

Anyhow, today I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

Mccalls 7577 caught my eye with the lace back, and I just couldn't get it out of my mind! It is so beautiful in the floral print shown by the Mccalls and I love the trim on the front as well as the bell sleeves.  

Mccalls 7563 is another delightful addition shown in the Youtube video.  It has a romantic feel, with the longer ruffle and off the shoulder features.  I am not usually a romantic style wearer, but this is a style I would be willing to try!

There must be something in the air when it comes to "back" details.  Here is another version in M7570 View B that I love. It is a classic tee style in the front, but a beautiful wrap tie in the back. I even think the lace up front of View C is uniquely lovely.

Butterick 6462 was in the Youtube video as well, and I just know I have to put this one on my list!! I mean, come on!  They showed it is View D, the jumper, but my fascination is with View B.  I have yet to find a cut out shoulder with a "v-neck" until now, and v-necks look so much better on my frame.  

B6447, View A is another fave that beautifully displays your back, while offering a classy color blocking on the front.  It would be a great option for parties, especially since the silhouette is so flattering to many body types.

Of course I have saved the BEST for last! B6449, I really, really, really love you! The v-neck, seaming, and maxi dress is put together in the best way possible. This is one of those dresses I would love to have one for every day of the week!

Anyhow, those are my picks from Mccalls and Butterick. I am sure I will end up purchasing a few of these picks soon.

Before I go, though, I just want to share a really cool moment I experienced.  The Love Notions Canyon Cardigan I recently sewed was featured on Patternreview's blog!  

Do you see me? I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw this myself!  What an honor!  I say this because I have been so pressed for sewing time this month, and this feature made my day!  

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to be going the wrong way, frustrations abound, and you feel like giving up?  And then, just when you determine to press on (in spite of the difficulty) God sends something along that makes you smile?  This was my smile, ya'll!! My absolute, ear-to-ear smile! 

It encourages me to keep sewing, sewing, sewing...

Thank you again Patternreview! 

Stay sew-filled!

***NOTE: While updating the pattern sales portion of my website, I found that Mccalls and Butterick are on sale at Joanns NOW! I will have to make a run with baby boy today!***


  1. Wow,they really have a lot of great patterns. I'm gonna have to get the B6462 lifestyle wardrobe pattern - so many great options all in one!
    Congrats on being featured on the pattern review blog. It was very nice of them to recognize your work. Definitely encouraging!

  2. Good choices! and congrats on the PatternReview shout out. It was an amazing cardi!

  3. Congratulations on the Pattern Review shout out - well deserved!

  4. Aww! So cool to make the shout-out! The cardigan is fantastic on you!

    I like your Big4 picks. That jumpsuit pattern is on my wishlist. I love that lace peek-a-boo feature. As is the Butterick with the cutout. Such cute summer looks!

  5. Love, Love, Love these patterns. Seriously, I would love to be able to have that romper, would just need a little more length to cover the "assets" lol. You have such a great skill and God-given talent. Proud of you for completing your cardigan and looking forward to the plans you have for future clothing!#2017!!!

  6. These are lovely patterns and congratulations on the featuring on PR. Happy sewing, dear!


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