Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Announcement for week of Mar. 1st!

OK, so the project for next week is...a table runner! I am so excited to start this project, and I plan on each Monday of the week being my kick-off for new projects. I had been pondering, looking, and browsing the Internet, as well as sewing books just to get some ideas of what my next project would be. I feel confident that this project will be easy, but also beautiful!

The project comes from Craft Stylish, and is supposed to be an easy table runner for the holidays. Well, it's not the holidays, but I still thought I could make a runner to be used on my breakfast room table since this particular table is bare, give or take a few placemats.

I have some home dec fabric that I am digging out to prepare for this project, and I will post an update of how things are going with the project every two to three days. I think I will finish the project before the week is over, yet I will reveal all my finished projects (and provide a review) by Sunday. Then, the new project for the week will be announced on Monday.

Well, I hope you followed all of that! This post is mainly a way for me to have a written plan as to what I am doing, and also for you to have an expectation from this blog. I would love for anyone that wants to sew along with me this week to jump right in! Besides, you have a week! And maybe we might even be able to help each other figure the project out! On the other hand, if you would much rather wait to see how the project comes together for me, that is perfectly fine, too.

Until next time, stay sew filled!

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