Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well, as you know, I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to check out the Simplicity pattern sale going on this week (see here).  I was so elated to be out of the house without kids in tow, that I ended up spending about an hour and a half in the store just perusing patterns and what not.  Imagine my surprise when I ended up only buying 2 patterns!!  Yes, 2 patterns.  And they weren't even anything from the Early Spring Collection (which is now on Simplicity's website, if you are interested).  As you can tell, I am very picky, even if a pattern is only
99 cents!

On a positive note, I did find another skirt pattern to round out the choices for my skirt sewing...

So that's how everything looks so far.  Actually, now that I am looking at all three of them together, it looks a little overwhelming, but I know that they should not be as time-consuming as some of the other things I have sewn.

My other purchase is one for a later date, but one I have been anticipating for a LONG time, ever since I have seen all of the success from other PRs.  It is Simplicity 2700:

Yes, the Amazing Fit bootcut pants are now in my possession.  I figure this pattern will be good to have around when attempting my first pair of pants.  And I know bootcut pants are much more figure-flattering for pear-shaped women such as myself.  I took a peek at the instructions and everything is laid out so well, with such great information, I can tell I will probably like it.  If anything, I hope to get a great pair of pants from this pattern.

Well, that's all.  Just a quick update on how things went yesterday.  I'm still plugging away at my skirt, and hope to have something to show you soon.  I hope everyone else's sewing projects are getting done now that things have slowed down a little after the holidays (for me at least, they may have picked up for some of you).

Stay sew-filled!


  1. That is my favorite pants pattern EVER!!! I've made it 4 times!

  2. Wow Adrienne! I need to look up your reviews for those pants then!

  3. Good luck with the pants I have that in my stay also.

  4. Maybe I need to try those pants. I have had nothing but terrible luck making pants. We are finally getting a Hobby Lobby within 1 hr driving distance, so I am so happy about that.


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