Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Kwik Sew Patterns

I got this email yesterday about new Kwik Sew patterns, so I headed over to the website to check them out.  Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in their new stuff.  Not that I use Kwik Sew patterns a lot, but I have found the Kwik Sew book Sewing for Children to be wonderful and I just assumed that some of their designs would be a lot nicer as well.  There are really only a few things that stood out for me:

First is a pair of shorts.  I saw these and thought they are just so cute!

Kwik Sew 3854
I really like the button detail to these shorts, and the way the seaming at the top continues into the pocket construction.  My only dislike is the length.  I couldn't wear shorts that short, and I don't think they would look as good if I added length to them.

Kwik Sew 3849
Now this is more my style.  I like simple tops that have length to them, much like a tunic.  I think I like the one on the left (View A) a little more than the one on the right because of the classic appeal with the pin tucks on the upper top of the shirt.  Lovely!

Well, that is all I liked.  The rest of the collection are all simple pieces that you could really get from any of the Big 4 pattern companies without paying an arm and a leg in the price.  When I saw this pattern, I just had to say "Really, Kwik Sew??"

Kwik Sew 3843
I'm sure someone will be buying this pattern, but it won't be me!  There seems to be a whole geometric theme going on at Kwik Sew, because they had a pattern similar to this last fall/winter.  I guess it did well, since they introduced this one.

Overall, not the best collection I have ever seen, and I don't think I am motivated to buy anything from Kwik Sew just yet. 

What do you think?  Are you a Kwik Sew fan, or what do you think about their collection??

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I've never sewn a Kwik Sew pattern. I like the shorts with the buttons and agree about the length. It wouldn't work for me, but they are CUTE!

  2. I like how you are reviewing the new patterns coming out. I rely on the bloggers out there to do this! I like some of Kwik Sew's patterns. The short's pattern is cute! I am frustrated with always being between the XS and S size, so I'm not liking the limited sizing options. But the right pattern is worth adjusting.

  3. I was reading through quickly because I need to warm up the car to go to work. Then I saw those bottom two photos and screetched the tires! No! Not Vanessa--oh, ok, all is well in the world. And, yes the other selections are too cute. (And I hate your little skinny butt for being able to wear them) "GRIN!"


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