Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy Lazy Days

Since it's been a while since I have updated you all, I decided that I'd better post something.  This past week has been a little topsy turvy for me in more ways than one!  First, I live in Georgia, and if you watch the news, you may know that there was a pretty bad winter storm in our area.  It snowed like crazy Sunday night, and then rained on top of the snow. Since the temperatures were below freezing, that combination created blocks of ice on the road, making driving anywhere especially dangerous.  So, pretty much from Monday until yesterday, our little world has stood still.  My hubby didn't have to work, and schools have been closed, etc.  All from a little snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and ill preparation from our DOT (dept. of transportation).

Of course the week started with excitement from all the snow, and my son got to go outside to experience it firsthand (my daughter was running a fever so she could not), but being kooked up in the house with two kids, and the inability to get out is wearing me down some.

Not to mention that my daughter, who is 18 months, going on 19 months, has been waking up multiple times during the night when she used to be a sound sleeper.  It turns out she was teething, but long after her teeth are now in, she is still not allowing me to get much sleep.

I say all of this to say...

OK, so I haven't been sewing! LOL!  What can you do?  Life happens sometimes, right?

But I did at least create a muslin of my skirt, and it was a little snug, so I was thinking about decreasing the seam allowance to add a little more ease rather than adjusting the whole pattern.  I know the fabric is a knit, but I don't want to end up with a skintight skirt.

So I don't know when I will finish my first simple skirt (and it is so simple, judging by how quickly the muslin went together) but all things considered, it will get done.

Stay sew-filled!!

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  1. Yep, we got the snow and ice too over here in SC. I still have ice in the back yard and the deck is a big lumpy mess of ice. I am wearing hot pink rubber boots to take the dogs out so I stay dry and high (don't fall down).


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