Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in Review

It is time to close out another year and receive the start of something new. Upon reflecting on 2010, I realize that I have grown quite a bit in the area of sewing.  I started seriously sewing with the initiation of this blog in February 2010.  At that time I was inspired by my wonderful niece, after helping her complete a sewing project of her own.  My arsenal of sewing knowledge consisted of two sewing classes and lots of sewing books, but not too much hands-on practical experience.  All I knew was I had lofty goals of completing a project a week, and building on my sewing skills, one project at a time.

Well, I have pretty much stayed true to my original intentions give or take a few weeks of sewlessness (is that a word?) here or there.  And I must say that all of the things I have created since February is pretty impressive:

More than all of these things, I have discovered a whole world of sewing blogs that I never knew existed!  To think there are people out there that enjoy sewing as much, or even more than I do is crazy!  I have enjoyed following along with other blogs, and having all of you follow along with me!  So, if I haven't said it enough already, thank you readers for your support, comments, suggestions, and feedback!

*To wrap up the year, I have put together a list of awards...

Mccall's 5893

Did I really even need to ask?  This dress was a dream to sew, and a dream to wear!  It was also my first dress, and where I fell in love with working with knits.  I look forward to wearing it again when the weather is warmer!  


Sometimes it's the simple things that matter the most!  Everytime we take out my son's apron when we cook brownies, cookies, pancakes, or whatever, this apron brings a smile to my face!  It probably gets the most use out of all the things I have sewn, and it still holds its shape very well (how can you ruin an apron, right?)  I look forward to sewing my princess one when she is old enough!


I have learned a lot of techniques this year, BUT this applique on a basic T-shirt was my favorite!!  I plan to use it a lot more on future garments for the kids because it turns out so stinkin' cute, and is just so much easier than I ever thought!


Alright, I couldn't pick just one for this category, so I picked all three!  The petal skirt was just plain fun, and I get so many comments when my little one wears it!  The remaining paneled skirt and shirt were repurposed.  Repurposing is another fun way to create something new from something you already have, and I would definitely be open to doing more of that in the future.


Simplicity 2892
Making this garment was one of the most frustrating sewing experiences I have encountered to this date!  It is still hanging in my closet, and I have tried to give it a "second chance," but it has not grown on me.  Perhaps this will be a perfect item to repurpose (smile).

And last, but not least...


Did I mention how much I LOVE Ottobre Design?  No, really.  I LOVE Ottobre Design!!  I am so delighted with the things I have sewn from their magazine, and look forward to trying many more new things as time goes on.

That wraps up 2010 for me!  I will continue to take a mini-sewing break as I prepare for some exciting sewing projects lined up for the New Year.


  1. What a fabulous year. Looking forward to your 2011 sewing adventures


  2. Great post! Love looking at all your projects & I can't wait to see what you creat in 2011.

    I must ask--did you use the applique stitch on your Kenmore to do the little red t-shirt with the heart appliques? It's just too cute!

  3. Thanks!

    Jenna, I haven't tried out the applique stitch on my Kenmore just yet, though I did consider it for the T-shirt project. Instead, I used a zigzag stitch with a short stitch length and a medium stitch width. I would play around with it first on a scrap piece of fabric to get the look you want.

    It is the Kwik Sew method for appliques, and it requires you to trace the pattern to your fabric, interface it, then apply it to the right side of your garment with tear away stabilizer (I found some at Walmart) underneath the applique on the wrong side of the garment. Super simple, and great results!

  4. What a fantastic sewing year - you have made some wonderful things. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next year!

  5. Way to "grow" in your sewing skills this year. You've made some darling things and I look forward to seeing all the new ideas and creations you come up with in the new year!

  6. Wonderful review of your sewing. I love that you gave awards too. Maybe I could use that idea to motivate me!


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