Monday, December 6, 2010

In stitches...

I hope everyone else had a good weekend, because I did not.  My weekend consisted with an ER visit, after my daughter fell and slammed into a headboard at a friend's house, and slit a small part of her left cheek open.  Now, as a nurse, I have been trained to see just about anything.  In fact, I would go so far as to say I have seen a lot of things, and I was not phased by it.  However, seeing my daughter crying with a slit on her face (of all places) really did something to me as a mother.

I didn't panic, but quickly applied a cold compress to her cheek, rocking her to comfort her from crying, and began to pray.  Mostly my prayer was thankfulness that she did not get hurt more seriously, but I also prayed for her healing after such a bad fall.  Of course my husband, who was in the other room, rushed in by then, and I told him we would have to go to the hospital because our daughter fell, slit her cheek, and looked like she needed stitches.

Fast forward a little more, and our daughter did get stitches (she was lightly sedated, and had a numbing paste placed on her cheek beforehand), and the staff in the ER was excellent.  The doctor who did the stitches was amazing, and his hand-stitching technique was flawless (as an avid sewer, I did notice this small detail amidst the craziness of the situation).

Immediately after the stitches the cut looked much better, and we went home at about 1AM.  Well, my night was only beginning, because the medication they gave my little one made her crazy--and very angry.  She was kicking, biting, pinching, punching, pulling, and doing everything in her power to hurt us.  I knew it was the medicine (and not my dear sweet baby girl) so I waited out the meds until she fell asleep at 4AM, and woke up eight hours later smiling ear to ear.

Looking back, I am so thankful for all the supportive people and family that we have in our life because they all rallied around us with prayers, phone calls and texts.  I pretty much crashed on Sunday though, emotionally and physically.  I was just exhausted from the lack of sleep, and tired from talking to people on the phone most of the day (and that means a lot because I can be a talker ).

In all, my little one is doing well.  She is healing well, though she still has a little bruise under her left eye, and the stitched up cut.  Other than that she is her normal fearless self.  She is still trying to jump off couches and balance on step stools!  Talk about getting back on the horse, she did not waste her time, not even one second!

As you can imagine, I pretty much put any sewing I had planned on hold this weekend.  I did organize my sewing room in order to keep my mind busy, but did not go any further than that.  I plan on getting back to what I enjoy sometime tomorrow.

I have chosen to learn what I can from this experience and move forward counting my blessings.  I am truly thankful that things were not worse, and my daughter is still as smart, loving, and beautiful as ever.

This made me realize just how precious our time with each other is.  I hope that each of you will cherish the time you have with your loved ones as well because one moment can truly change your entire life.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Awww! Poor baby! And poor mommy, too! So glad to hear that it all turned out ok, but how scary!
    I'm dreading our first 'stitches' incident. Sounded like you handled it like a pro (of course!)!

  2. Awww! I'm sending lots of healing energy to your daughter and your family!

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear of your difficult weekend. Glad your little one is on the mend. These scary moments are so tough on parents. What a true blessing to have a good support system.

  4. I am very sorry to hear that your little was hurt and that your family had this happen. My folks had to deal with my brother who add severe asthama and a very fall prone me :) Six cuncussions later I lived to tell the tale. And that sissy Troy Aikman wore a helmet! Best wishes for a much better week for all.

  5. It is too early in the morning for me to spell correctly--sorry about the previous post and spelling errors. I mean mis-types, yeah, that's it.

  6. Oh my! Best wishes for a nicely healed cheek. What an ordeal!

  7. What an awful ordeal. I do hope your little one is completely better very soon.

  8. Poor thing! :( I'm glad she is doing better though.


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