Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mission accomplished

I am happy to say I completed my Christmas project--yesterday at 11 PM!  I can't believe it took me that long! I wanted to have everything ready for Christmas morning, but on Christmas Eve I was wrapping presents and making preparations for Christmas, so I didn't get much sewing done until the day of!

Before I reveal what I made, let me just say I hope your Christmas was wonderful!!  Beyond all of the presents, (and more presents) I pray the true blessing of family and friends resonated more to you than the amount of things you could buy. We were especially blessed yesterday in receiving a day of snow, which is rare here in Georgia, especially on Christmas day!  It was just such a special treat, and it even stuck on the ground!  God is amazing!

So, I know a couple of you guessed that I was making PJs according to the hints I gave in my last post.  I guess that has become my "M.O." as of late.  However, I did not make PJs this time.  Instead I made slippers!

Can you see the pairs of slippers tucked under our Christmas tree late last night?  The kids didn't get a chance to see them until this morning, but since they were for Christmas, I thought I would at least create the atmosphere for which they were intended.

Here they are a little closer up:

These slippers come from the Ottobre winter design magazine, and I love the way they look.  As far as sewing them goes, that could have been a little easier.  The binding was a little finicky, and that was a little frustrating.  Other than that, I like these slippers.  They have a fusible fleece attached to the upper fabric and lower sole.  They are interfaced as well, but looking back, I should have used a heavier interface to really make them more sturdy.

One of my favorite features of this slipper is the decorative stitching on the sole of the slipper.  The instructions recommend starting in the middle of the sole and working your way outside in a circle, but I found that starting on the outside and working my way in was much easier.

All in all, the kids are happy with their slippers.  They both fit great, and they were walking around the house in them today. Part of me wants to see if I can push out one more project before the year's end this Friday, but I am tired and gearing up for something new in the New Year (wink, wink)! You will all be "filled" in soon enough...

Stay sew-filled!


  1. They're so cute! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Oh darn, I was wrong! Ha ha. But what wonderful Christmas presents. Just in time for that snow! Glad you had fun and got them done in time!


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