Monday, April 12, 2010


Now you see it...

AND, now you don't...

I added a couple of patterns in the pocket so you could get a feel for this project.  I like the pocket, but can't say I really will use it to store much.  I organize most of my things, and don't really have stuff that could go in the pocket.  If you have any ideas, please comment.

If you are interested in this project, see here for details about where this project came from (see right for more in-depth review).  I had a ball making this sewing machine cover!  I think it is because I knew I personally needed this for such a long time!  I just smiled as I slid the cover over my machine.  It is good to know I made what I needed.  It challenges me to create more things that I need, and brings me to the project for this week...

none other than oven mitts!

I am staying true to the One-Yard Wonders book and sewing oven mitts from page 62.  They also have a pattern for hot pads, but I want something I can slide my hand into, as I already have hot pads in my kitchen.  I must say, from the sewing machine cover project, that I truly love the way the instructions are written in the book!  It makes it so easy to follow, and it feels great to know what the heck I am doing!

So, sew-along with me this week if you'd like!

And as always, stay sew-filled!

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  1. I use a can of air like you use with your computer to keep the sewing machine clean. But I should make something like this too to help with dust. For the pocket in the back I would suggest maybe putting your sewing machine manual in there--"keep it close, keep it safe". Yep, a LOTR fan, you got me.


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