Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreaming of patterns...

In case you didn't know, Joann's is getting ready to have a big ol' sale starting from April 11th-April 17th, and even into the end of this month.  The sale includes various items for crafts, but I am mostly interested in, yes, the SEWING PATTERNS!  I have had a lot of fun sewing little projects here and there, but I am ready to transition into pattern sewing.

I say that with some trepidation because the last couple of attempted sewing pattern projects ended in a mess (and they were labeled "easy"), but that was back when I did not know as much as I know about sewing today, so I am hoping my knowledge makes a difference.

These are some of the patterns I am considering (in no particular order)...

I think this is the cutest shirt!  I would like to make this my first attempt at a spring/summer top.  And I like the variations on the shirt. I could make all of the different styles in different fabrics, and still not feel like it was boring.  I am a little nervous as to how something I sew myself will come out, but I am pressing onward and upward this year, and I want to make the effort.

Now this shirt is also my style, even though I know it is a knit pattern, and knits can be trickier for beginner sewers like me.  I am hoping to buy this one and stash it for later, as the summer gets hotter.

This is one of those patterns that I think could work, with the right fabric and right view.  I definitely don't like the view A that the model is wearing, but the other views are cute.  I hope you can see the theme of EASY patterns here.

Absolutely adorable (the outfit and the baby)!  I really like this pattern.  I think the jacket is so cute, and so unique.  This would  make a cute outfit for my little one, now 10 months old.  

This one is another knit pattern, maybe for a rainy day.  It is Vogue 8558, Very Easy.  I really like the crossover V neck on this one, with the option of sleeveless to 3/4 length sleeves.

This pattern is also a Very Easy Vogue pattern, 8390.  I love the top view with the wrap on the left side. 

Well, that covers it!  I am excited about picking up some new gems to try, and look forward to a wonderful summer of sewing!  BTW, the weather here is beautiful and sunny, with a slight wind.  

Also, think about checking out the Joann's nearest you, and picking up some patterns for yourself.  Not all patterns are on sale, just Butterick, Simplicity, Mccall's.  And these three have various dates for the sale where I live.  The price point varies from 99 cents-3.99 (still better than full price).  In case you were wondering, I did try to find some interesting Butterick and Mccall's patterns, but I just didn't see anything for the time being.

Anyhow, see you later!

Stay sew-filled!

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  1. I am so happy to find someone out here in blogland that is like me! That is new to sewing I mean. Now I can have some company with my sewing mis-adventures and also you will understand those little successes that mean so much. You can check out my blog at

    I'll update probably update the blog today or tomorrow and show my new/old sewing machine I picked up from my mother's last week. A Brenina!


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