Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cotton flannel hats for everyone!

Hello everyone!

I hope your week has started out well! I am back with a finished project!!

As you know, I have really gotten into jogging.  Well, it appears that the weather here in Georgia has been mighty cold these last couple of weeks, and my last jogging excursion did not go well--my ears were soooo cold!!  Because of this, I decided that I needed to find a way to keep my ears warm while jogging, or I would not be able to jog for long.

Last week while looking at my Youtube channel feed, I came across a video by the Crafty Gemini, Vanessa Wilson, entitled Fleece Hat with Ear Flaps DIY Tutorial.  As soon as I watched the video I knew I had to make one!  This is Vanessa's own pattern that she lets you print for free, and she even has an adult and child size!

Here is how my hat came out:

Now I must tell you that I did NOT use fleece for this project.  I didn't have any on hand, and I did not want to buy any.  So, instead, I found some cotton flannel in my stash that I cut on the bias to add the appropriate stretch to the hat.  I wasn't too sure what the final result would look like (or if it would fit over my head), but much to my amazement, it fits perfectly.  I even got it over my curls!!

Now you know I can't make the adult hat without making the child size too, right?  Actually, I started out only making one for myself, but then I thought it would be cute to add another one in the same materials for my daughter.  When my son saw my hat he immediately told me that he wanted a hat too (of course).  So...I scrounged around and found some fabric for him too.

This entire project took about an hour once I had all my pattern pieces cut up.  I followed along with Vanessa's video for instructions, and they were very clear and easy to understand, especially if you have a basic knowledge of sewing.  Also, you can even add trim to your hat to make it more festive, and Vanessa walks you through that too. Overall, I give this pattern a "thumbs-up!!"  I love wearing my new hat, and can't wait to run in it!  It is always nice to solve a problem and finish a cute project all in one!!

Stay sew-filled!!

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