Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I really want

Isn't it amazing that when you get what you really want, you figure out something else to want?

It's not that I am ungrateful or anything (ok, sometimes I am) but I am working on appreciating what I have.  In the midst of doing that, I discovered a great magazine that I would like to try out.  It's called My Image magazine.  It is similar to Ottobre, in that it is a sewing magazine with multiple "looks," and you get the patterns/instructions for all the looks in the magazine!  The nice thing about this magazine is that the price is very reasonable.

You can check out Sew Baby if you are interested in ordering, or click here to browse the magazine. Oh yeah, there is a kids version as well!

I noticed that Mccalls just released their spring patterns and there were a couple that looked interesting:

I really like the color blocking and exposed zipper!!

Here is a cute dress by Phoebe couture.  I have never heard of them before, but their special occasion dress is simply beautiful!  As you can see, I do like garments with back appeal, though I have yet to sew one!  Soon...

I like the top with straps, and the fact that different cup sizes are included for a more personalized fit.  


Lastly, this is such an effortless pretty dress.  I imagine one could slip it on and feel great!

The rest of the collection is here if you are interested.  

Skirt update: Sadly, I am going to have to finish my skirt next week.  My sister is getting married and I will be tied up starting this Friday until Monday.  I am still waiting for my zipper roller foot to come in the mail (hopefully today) so I can insert my invisible zipper, and then I just need to attach the lining and hem the skirt.  It does look nice so far, and I am excited to show you all when I am finished!  

I definitely appreciate all that I am learning in constructing this skirt, and I look forward to creating more pieces.

Stay sew-filled! And I'll be back soon (with pictures)!


  1. I like the first McCall's dress you highlighted as well. I haven't sewn an exposed zipper, but definitely want to try that this year. Glad to hear your skirt is coming along nicely. Have fun with your sister's wedding!

  2. Love your pattern picks! I'm excited to see your skirt when it's finished.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I just recieved the My Image magazines in the mail today and they are both great (kids and adults.) I can't wait to make something out of them!


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