Monday, February 21, 2011

A little shopping...

Once again, I had a good time shopping at Joanns--not that I am a big shopper by any means. I usually plan my sewing projects one at a time instead of going for the gusto and purchasing a bunch of stuff that I am not sure I will ever use.  Not that either method is better.  For me, I happen to do better if I don't overwhelm myself.  So, I went to Joanns to take advantage of their 5 for $5 Simplicity pattern sale.  Though I bought 5, I will share 3 of them with you (the other 2 will pop up in a later post).  Here they are:

First is Simplicity 2562, the Amazing Fit wide leg pants.  I already bought the Amazing Fit bootcut pants, so I thought these were a nice variation of that style.  The wide leg is perfect for my shape, and I like that the cuff is optional.

My next choice is a pattern I looked at last year (I believe).  I thought it was adorable, so easy and breezy.  And the option of making a skirt, pants, capris or shorts drew me in.  I LOVE the way the top of the pants/shorts are shaped.  The pockets and belt loop placement is my favorite.

I also love the way the same construction details are found on the skirt, which is A-line, my fave.

My last choice is a pattern from the Inspired by Project Runway series.  It is a super cute vest that has back appeal!  I hope this pattern is not disappointing because I am lacking in vests.  In fact, I am not really sure vests are even in style, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to own one!  

Besides patterns, I had to buy this:

I know, I know, why buy Simplicity's Fashion Fusion magazine when you can look at the same patterns in their catalog?  Well, I like that it gives me ideas on fabrics I hadn't thought about for the different patterns they offer.  Also, I only paid about 1.50 with my discount coupon.  AND...the back of the magazine has 6 coupons for future Joanns purchases!  So, yeah, I get suckered in every time!

Quick update on my skirt: I decided to put in an invisible zipper for the first time, and needed an invisible zipper foot.  I ended up buying a plastic one on ebay, and am waiting for that to arrive so I can then finish my skirt with style.  From what I read, invisible zippers are easier to insert than a regular zipper.  That is comforting, but I am always a little nervous when I do something new.  I hope to finish the skirt this week before my sister's wedding this weekend.

Stay sew-filled!

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  1. Nice grabs! You've got me thinking about snagging those Amazing Fit pants. And I like 2367 as well. I might have to put them both on my shopping list...after my pattern-buying ban is lifted, of course. ;)


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