Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skirt #1 Finished!

Yes, the day has finally come!  I am finished with my New Look 6735 skirt!

This skirt is so simple it is a shame.  It is a shame that a skirt that probably takes about one-two hours could take me three weeks to complete!  Oh well, whether it took me three hours or three weeks, I have a beautiful skirt now added to my wardrobe for Spring, and that is what matters the most.

Here it is all finished up:

This skirt really didn't have that many pattern pieces to be concerned about, so what took me a little while to do was the skirt lining.  I used the book Easy Guide to Sewing Lining by Connie Long in order to help guide me through this process.  It was the only book my library had specifically for lining garments in sewing, and I wanted a book that specifically told me what to do without having to sort through miscillaneous information.

I ended up doing a quick and easy free hanging lining where the lining is attached to the waistband, but unattached from the skirt.  So, essentially, you have to hem both the skirt and the lining.  I used my serger a good deal for this project, but I was too lazy to change any of the thread color, except for the needle thread.  I used navy for that.  I mean, no one is going to see my threads so I didn't think about that too much.

Here is what the lining looks like (I wish I could remember what the fabric content was):

It is so pretty, and it feels good next to my skin.  My only gripe is that it was a little (and I mean only a little) static-filled, so next time I will look for an anti-static lining.  This was purchased at Joanns and other than that gripe, I am happy with the lining.

As far as the waistband goes, it is a simple elastic.  I thought this might bother me, since I wanted something with a little more structure, but it actually does not.  I plan on wearing this skirt with a longer shirt so I'm not concerned about the waistband so much.  Besides, the skirt just feels so darn comfy on!!  For construction here, I just serged the raw edge of my waistband (not necessary, but it made it easier to work with the fabric) stitched the elastic to the waistband, turned and stitched the elastic again.  Very simple, and great results.

Overall, this is a great starter skirt!  I am glad I chose it because it wasn't too overwhelming for my skill set.  I must add in that the fit is great, and I sewed a size 16, but ended up taking in the side seams so much I probably ended up with a size 14.  I am still working on my fitting techniques, and am thankful that knits are quite forgiving (the lining was more true to a size 16, as it did not stretch).

Will I be making this one again?  Why not!!  It really is a great pattern, and I could see it in many different colors.  Did I mention that this is my first navy skirt since having kids?  I really do love the color navy, it is so rich and pretty.  My only issue now is finding a top to wear with it!!  I didn't pay close attention to what I had in my closet so I really don't have anything appropriate for spring that goes well with this new skirt!  I guess I will be sewing a top for this one soon...

I will still be sticking with the theme of sewing skirts throughout February, but I may throw in a few tops here or there.  As far as skirt #1 is concerned, I am pleased with the results!!

Stay sew-filled!!


  1. That skirt is terrific and you look way cute in it. Cheers!

  2. Your skirt turned out perfect! Navy is such a versatile color, I'm sure you will find all kinds of things to wear with it. Gotta love a comfy and stylish piece!

  3. Pretty skirt and kudos on the lining great job!

  4. it came out great, the lining looks like it went in really neat, nice work!

  5. Very nice and I am so pleased to see that you lined it. That makes it soooo much nicer to wear.

  6. Very pretty and flattering skirt!


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