Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here comes the bride!

I'm back!!!!!

I had an amazing weekend with my family and friends!  As I mentioned in my last post, my sister got married this past weekend and I was held up with wedding stuff until Monday.  What I didn't mention was I was functioning as the "matron of honor" for her wedding; hence, I ran a lot of errands and tried to keep a smile on my sister's face.  For the most part, I did a great job--except for one major faux pas (which I will get to later).

My sister lives in the Savannah area so we headed over there on Friday for the fun.  There was one thing after another from the wedding rehearsal, to the rehearsal dinner, checking into our hotel, meeting/greeting family and extended family members, arranging for everything to be picked up on time, and picking everyone up on time. Oh, did I mention I had another allergic reaction going on in the midst of all this??  Yes, I broke out in hives earlier in the week and was nursing myself back to health as well.  So, it sounds like a lot of stress, but it was good stress (as opposed to bad stress).

My son was the ring bearer in the wedding, and he was the CUTEST!!!  Honestly, I am so proud of the job he did!  He held the flower girl's arm down the aisle like such a gentleman (he didn't really get real rings to carry because we didn't trust the natural instincts of a 4 year old).  In fact, he was such a gentleman the entire wedding, helping all the ladies, holding doors, and remembering his "please" and "thank-yous."  Usually, my kids go to an event and forget all their manners and I have to say "No, really, they are so much better behaved at home," or "they are just tired right now" or "it's past their bedtime," but this time both of my kids did so great I was pinching myself!!!

My daughter was not a part of the wedding, but of course we dressed her up all special so that she could feel like a princess!  I usually let her wear her hair in it's natural state (which is curly), but for this occasion, I blow dried her bangs and curled the front pieces!  She looked so precious, and she danced and danced most of the night.  This girl will probably do something with music and dancing because she LOVES both of them!  

The setting my sister chose for the wedding was nice, and fit perfectly.  Her fiance (now husband) is in the military, and they wed at an Air Force museum.  The whole environment was filled with rich scenery of our country with multiple flags on display, and various brave soldiers of the Air Force.  It was a celebration in more ways than one.  Here is a photo of the beginning stages of prep (I didn't catch the latter end due to busyness):

So all was right, until my faux pas that I talked about earlier.  Can you look at this next picture and guess what that might be??????

If you guessed "hot red lipstick" then you are right!!  Long story short, my sister hired someone to do all of our hair and make-up for the event.  Things were going well until we started to run short on time.  And when I say short on time, I mean, run, get dressed, and line up to walk out for the ceremony, or the officiant is leaving!  Because of the time-crunch (we were 1.5 hours late), I was the only bridesmaid to get makeup done on time, including the bride! Now that is just wrong, right?!  My sister got what would be an equivalent of a 5 minute face on the day of her wedding = ( .

Now, I tried to rub off the red lipstick before I went out, but how many of you know that my lips were lined in red and the makeup started bleeding!!  I just didn't have the time, so out we all went!  Looking back, I have no idea why a makeup artist would give a bridesmaid a red lip.  When I told her that I didn't like it, she said it would look nice with the black dress.  What?!?!?!  

Thankfully, my sister still looked beautiful, and she still married an amazing man.  There is no ill will between us because we love one another, and she knows I would have done (and did) anything for her on her special day!  But I do know a certain makeup artist who is not too happy right now, after my sister told her how disappointed she was on her big day.

Well, that wraps up my trip to see my sis' get married.  Marriage is not an easy, but it is worth it.  My hope for my sister is that no matter what they go through, when it gets tough, or when it is easy-going, that she continues to choose to love her husband. Trust me, she will reach a day when she has to make that choice, and I hope that her choice is always to love.

Stay sew-filled!!


  1. Vanessa thanks as always for sharing these wonderful pictures! Everyone looked wonderful!

  2. Your children are adorable! They really couldn't be any cuter. Your red lipstick looks OK in the picture, but I have suffered feathering red lipstick myself. Not pretty! How disappointing for your sister, even without the extra pampering she looks beautiful and happy.

  3. You are too funny! Really! You think everyone looks at that photo and is looking at your lips. Let me explain a couple of things to you. . . boobage (AKA Cleavage) out does red lips in a heart beat! You look amazing and I doubt anyone was concerned about the red lips other than you and your sister. And then of course there was the boobage :) Your children were adorable looking as usual--they are so sweet! You and your sister together are the photos we need to see too---posting request issued :)

  4. Hey Toocutedobs! I guess you are right, boobie "trumps" red lipstick anyday! LOL!


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