Friday, March 18, 2011

Sewing for school

One way to have fun with sewing is through your children.  My son, in particular, goes to pre-K a couple of times a week, and they tend to do fun stuff for the kids every now and then.  Well one of the fun things they decided to do this time was "Show and Tell" (a classic) and "Silly Socks" day.  I have never heard of "Silly Socks" day but apparently your child wears their silliest pair of socks to school so everyone can have a good laugh!

That would be great, except my son doesn't have any silly socks.  He has regular socks, some old socks, and some mismatched socks, but nothing that I would consider appropriately silly. So I was all set to send him to school this morning with two different colored socks when I had an idea last night..."Why not serge some of his old socks together and see how that turns out?"

And that is exactly what I did...

I took these old socks of his...

I cut a 2 inch strip on each of the brown socks, and quickly envisioned how I would sew them together. Then, I matched them up right sides together and serged my little heart out!  It took about 10 minutes all together, the extra time came from manipulating the socks in my serger.

And here is the end result...

Now if these aren't laughable, I don't know what are!!  Of course my son LOVED them!!  He said he wants to wear them every day!!  And this morning while getting ready for school he told me thank you for making him silly socks.

No, son, thank you!!  You made me think of another reason why I love to sew so much: it allows me to be resourceful in situations like these.  And I just know that no one else in class will have these exact same silly socks that your mommy made!

Trying on the silly socks last night

Stay sew-filled!!

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  1. What a fun post and just look at your little guy's satisfied smile. Great job Mom!


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