Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting down to business

Hello all!

Even though we are midweek (time is passing so fast), I am working on my black pencil skirt for the first time today.  I haven't even cut/adjusted my fabric yet because I was getting over a pretty bad flu (having kids makes me catch EVERYTHING).  The nice thing about working on this pattern is I have already checked, and there are not that many pattern pieces to work with.  Only 2! YAY!  When I look at the instruction sheet and see that, I always get a little excited!

I will be putting a lining in this skirt as well, and I guess I'd better head over to the fabric store to buy some, since I don't think I have any left over from the first two skirts I sewed.  Maybe I'll find a fun, funky lining this time.  I know I have been sewing a lot of solids lately, but I really do like to do a little fun and funky sometimes!!

Speaking of prints, I was browsing fabrics online and all I found was a lot of floral prints.  Not that there is anything wrong with a floral print, I just don't want a closet filled with floral prints!!  I haven't really found any fabric stores, or online sellers that really pique my interest and speak to my sense of style.  I'd be open to any suggestions if you have any.  Mostly I have purchased from (which I do love), and I have seen some nice things at denver fabrics, but I haven't found an affordable place that has the "it" factor, as they say on American Idol.

Well, I just wanted you to know what I was up to.  My goal is to finish my skirt by the weekend so I can head out of skirt-land for a little bit!

Stay sew-filled!

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