Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting the wind knocked out of you

Last night I was all smiles as I was coming down the home stretch of sewing my skirt, Simplicity 2868, together. I put the lining in and I was practically purring with delight, it was so pretty.  I mean, I was "winning (thanks Charlie Sheen)!"  Well, as soon as I decided to take in the side seams a little on the right side of the skirt, I ran into a little problem.  I very sloppily serged in the seams, and ended up with two different seam lines!!  It's not horribly noticeable, but I got off track while serging and now I have to fix it up!

You know, I have always been one of those people that could turn a simple thing into something complicated.  And the complicated things...I seem to breeze through those problems.  This skirt was not supposed to be difficult.  However, I made it a little more challenging by making the mistake I made.

So once I figure this out, I will post some pics.  On the positive side, I placed an order from for the next four items I will be sewing in the Tim Gunn Sew Along, and they should be arriving today or tomorrow.  I LOVE ordering online, but I still feel like I don't know exactly if I'm going to like the fabric once it arrives.  The last time I ordered from, it was an ITY knit that said plum, and looked like plum, but it was clearly bright fuchsia when it arrived.  Thank goodness has a super easy return policy!!  Other than that, I have not had issues with them.  I'll let you know if this batch is a good one.

And yes, it is the last day of March!!  Where did the month go??  I imagine I have thrown my timeline out of the window since the beginning of the year, because I only finished one garment this month.  Of course I have purchased enough sewing patterns to make up for all the things I haven't sewn, but sometimes too many choices is not a good thing for me.  I hope April will be a month of productivity, and that I at least cross a few garments off my Sew Along list.

I hope all of your plans are coming along well, and you are "winning!"  Seriously, my husband has been saying that phrase a lot, and I just heard about it last night.  I was totally clueless about how popular the phrase has become.  So every time I hear it now, I have to laugh.  If you have no clue the way I did, check out the video on Youtube here.  Or if you just want a good laugh, you can watch the video too.

*In conclusion, I just want to say that I don't mean to make light of Charlie Sheen's situation.  I really hope he gets it together and does live a winning life.  It is his emphasize on winning, and his tone of voice that I find funny.*

Stay sew-filled!

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