Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday! (to me)

Yesterday was my 30th birthday!  Yep, the big 3-0!

I have been busy with my visiting family, and we had a birthday bash in honor of the big day on Sunday.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I will always remember how special it was for me!  There were about 10 people that showed up (excluding my own family), and everyone was great.  I got a lot of wonderful gifts, and the food was great too!

My mom made one of her famous cheesecake's, and I did not have to think about the kids for most of the day!  How sweet!  It is too bad that days like this only come once a year!

To top everything off, my parents bought me a serger!!  Not that I know how to use one, but I was so surprised that they believe in my sewing ability and talent!  I am a nurse by trade, and sewing is something new I have started, and truly, truly enjoy.  I am honored that they see how serious I am about it!

The serger is on its way, a Brother 1034D, and I will post pics and a review once I get it (next week or so).  I would have had it sooner, but my parents were unsure of the brand I wanted, and my dear hubby, who was sent out to buy the serger, couldn't find any of the Brother sergers in the store.

So, all is well,  I thank God for another year of His goodness, and I look forward to what is to come!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Number 30 is a great year to be. Good news on the serger too. Your family is paying attention to what is important to you and that says they really care. You are a luck gal!


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