Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coming up next

I have been putting some thought into what I would like to sew next when I came across a website I used to visit all of the time: Made.  This is a cool website created by a mom in her 30s, and  is all about sewing for kids.  Most of the projects she creates and sews do not require a pattern, and are so cute!

Out of all the tutorials she has on her website, the one called "market skirt" stood out to me.  It is sized for a toddler a little older than my daughter, but the neat thing is that she gives a formula for the dimensions so that you can adjust the sizing to fit a girl of any age, even yourself if you like!

My thoughts on fabric choice is the following (I should have made sure I have enough of it first!):

This is a blue gingham, 100% cotton, next to a blue flannel (excuse the wrinkles) that looks a little green in the photo.  Now I just need to find some cute buttons to go with the fabric.  That should be easy enough!

Check out the market skirt tutorial here.  Wish me the best!

I'll check in with you all soon!

Stay sew-filled!

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  1. The market skirt is too cute! I love the pockets. Looking forward to see this new creation and I bet it goes fast. You'll want to make a half dozen of them before you know it.


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