Monday, June 7, 2010

Little lady ruffles

Last night I sewed my heart out, so that today I could present this to you...

Yes! The ruffle jumper, or Simplicity 2572.

Here is a close-up of the front.  I decided to use yellow binding instead of red, because I thought the red would draw too much attention, and I wanted the prettiness of the dress to be the main attraction.  Also, I started making my own binding from the same fabric, but that just looked all wrong.  I ended up using store-bought bias binding, but I just am not a fan of it because I can never get it to lay right.

This is the back.

And a close-up of the back.  I used a yellow 7" zipper for the closure.  Eventually, I will get back into buttons again.

And here is my "principessa" in the dress!  Mind you, it is still big around the bodice on her, but I love how cute she looks in it!  

All in all, I really like this dress!  I think it is my favorite of the things I have made for her so far!  On the next dress, though, I plan to work on some fitting techniques to get a more fitted bodice for her.  I know she will grow into the bodice, but I want her to be able to wear the things I sew for her now, not later.  Besides, I don't want it to be fall or winter before she can fit them.

So, my latest book on fitting is this one:

I borrowed this book from the library and it has a great section on fitting children.  It shows you how to take their measurements correctly, and choosing pattern sizing.  Right now I am not sure what the next project I am working on will be, but I will be using this as a reference guide for my future sewing adventures!


  1. Yellow was the right choice for the binding and the dress is so cute! Your little one will grow into that little bit before you know. And grow right out of the dress much too quick. Love the little ladybugs and you did a great job. Oh, I met a lady who had saved bits of cloth from special outfits from her childen. Now retired, she is making a quilt top out of these for the grown children. Her plan is to take it to the quilt shop for finishing. Get that special acid free storage box now for those scraps! And save photos to go with it.

  2. Really cute! Keep in mind, if the dress is fitting better during the fall/winter months, some white, black or red tights and a turtleneck would be so cute with it. And while the print is summery, I still think it would work even during cooler months, especially with winter appropriate accessories. :)


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