Monday, June 21, 2010

Passing it on

This week has been a great one for me!

I admit I have not been sewing much.  Why?  Well, this week my husband's niece and cousin came to visit, and my niece expressed that she was interested in learning to sew.  Those were just the words my ears LOVE to hear!

The following day we made a trip to Joanns for fabric and some simple patterns.  We decided on two projects: an envelope pillow cover, and pajama shorts.

The pillow cover came from Crafty Gemini's video tutorials, and is one that I blogged about when I first started my blog.  I love this project, it is amazingly easy for beginners, and the satisfaction upon completion is big!

Here she is practicing sewing straight lines on paper.  It is a good exercise for beginners, and really helped her to get a feel for the sewing machine.

Alas, the finished project, and a big smile!

She chose zebra print because it is her favorite!  She already has her own sense of style!

I guess I should have taken a picture of the back of the pillow.

The second project we did was pajama shorts from Simplicity's 4889.  This is a cute unisex pajama pattern.  


I wish I had a picture to show you how these came out, but it was late when we finished.  Suffice to say, the shorts did look like the View D that we made, and we made them out of a cotton flannel print.  I will say that this particular pattern was more for an intermediate to advanced beginner than someone just starting out, but the instructions were laid out in an easy to understand manner.

All in all, I was inspired to be passing along my sewing knowledge to someone that wanted to learn!  My niece said that she was going to get her sewing machine out when she got home and learn to thread it and wind the bobbin like I showed her!  If all I did was spark a small flame in her to get her creative juices flowing, I am thankful to have done my part!

I will get back on the ball with my own sewing projects this week.  Thanks for staying tuned in.

Stay sew-filled!  

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  1. I am so happy you and your niece had such a good time sharing this experience. This is really special and she will always remember how her auntie first got her interested in sewing. Great job!


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