Monday, May 7, 2018

Me Made May 2018 Days 1-6

Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung here in Georgia!!  In fact, I am going to have to remind myself how the seasons change for next year.  Apparently, the weather waffles back and forth, looks like it will never get warm, and then BAM all of a sudden the hot (80s) weather hits you, and you can't even remember that it was freezing a week ago! LOL!  So, my reminder will be "even though you don't see spring, keep sewing for it!"  Though I am content to wear things I made last year, I do wish I felt a little more ready for the season.

Today I am going to go over the things I wore for my FIRST year participating in Me Made May!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already seen what I posted, and I thank you for keeping up with my daily posts.  I wasn't originally on board with posting daily, but decided to do it as part of a Facebook challenge/giveaway by Sly Fox Fabrics.

Surpisingly, I am thoroughly enjoying the process!  It has really allowed me to move from the goal of wearing a handmade item to actually incorporating handmade items into the wardrobe I already have.  Usually I wear things I have sewn, but don't have a coordinating look in mind.  This year I am definitely becoming more intentional and thoughtful about my wardrobe choices. 

I also thought I wouldn't have the time for daily outfit pics.  Just thinking about what it would take made me feel exhausted in the mind! But, I found the time to get it done as I went throughout my day.  I mean, I already get dressed everyday, right?  From there I just take the extra step of taking a selfie while my son naps. 

That said, here are my selfies for Days 1-6:

Day 1 is my favorite "peacock" shirt from Simplicity 8337.  I made this pattern so much last summer, and still consider it a staple!

Day 2 is all about the summer tank I made from Empty Hanger patterns.  I love it paired with the cardigan, but ended up taking it off when I went outside.  It is good for being in the house with the air-conditioner is blaring (anyone else cold-natured)?

Day 3 is my easy, breezy kimono from NL6378. I love this thing SO MUCH!!  I am working on another one that I hope to show you with next week's recap! Or you can follow me on Instagram to see it sooner!

Day 4 was a good one! I wore the Laura top because I like it, and it makes getting dressed easy.  However, I got some compliments on it (yay), so I am pretty sure I will have to make some more soon!!

Day 5 was another trusted version of Simplicity 8337.  It was an overcast day, and my oldest son had a Robotics competition.  At the last moment I added a necklace to dress the top up a bit, but I do like wearing this one.

I am cracking up at how I left the volume control pictured in my screenshot (ignore, ignore).  I will work on leaving that out next time! Day 6 is my favorite because we attend church, and I always use it as an opportunity to get more dressed up than my usual stay-at-home mom attire.  I wore a necklace with this as well. but it is hard to see in the photo.

That wraps up my week of MMMay 2018!  I am ready to dive in for another week, and I promise I am not forgetting to sew as I go along!  I wanted my Burda top to work....Remember this?

I am so disppointed, but I couldn't get this one to work out.  I got a HUGE portion of the neckline that formed a cowl neckline across the back.  I know that is not correct, so the error is somewhere.  I have been re-tracing my steps to see if I can figure it out, but I will probably have to re-cut it.  So, yeah, I am moving on from that one for now.

I hope to see you all soon with a review! 

Stay sew-filled!


  1. Yay on your first MMM! I love your cold shoulder tops too!

  2. Aww I'm sorry the Burda top didn't work out. Hopefully the next project will be a win.

    Yay for completing week 1 of your first MMM! You are crafting quite the handmade wardrobe. Love the items you've showcased this week.

  3. Time flies! It’s already day 7 of MMM. You’re doing really great. Sorry to hear about the burda top.

  4. This is exactly what has happened today here.. yesterday it was singlet tops and swishy dresses and today it's cold and wet and cold (for us) next week. I was thinking last week I need to start some winter sewing but I just can't start when it's hot. Our autumn has so far been up to 28 degrees celsius so it's not too bad.

  5. I love your peacock top! Some really gorgeous makes.

  6. I am enjoying your mmmay'18 posts. So sorry about the Burda top and hope you can fix it :)

  7. Love the Peacock Top you made from Simplicity 8337! I have that one in my pattern que and I think I might be off to the fabric store to find something to make that one up pronto!!! All your looks are beautiful and now I'm inspired to try making more knits with prints, instead of my usual solids.


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