Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Oslo Cardigan

Hello everyone!

It seems as though, no matter how hard I try, I always end up squeaking in a sewing project that was not in my monthly plan.  In fact, I remember browsing through Instagram, and seeing that Hana from Velvet Ribbon was taking part in the Cosy Cardi Challenge.  I remember wishing I could participate, but due to a full month, decided against it.

Well, a little after I got back from my brother's wedding, I knew I wanted to sew a cardigan for the challenge. And after seeing Hana's lovely cardigan, my mind was made up!  I chose the Oslo by Seamwork patterns because it was a simple garment, AND it was sewn by the Stitch Sisters on Youtube, two of the sponsors for the challenge.  I knew I could get it done in time, and have a good chance of it fitting me really well since I have sewn their pattern before.

And VOILA, here it is:

I decided on a size S with no grading this time.  There was ample ease, so sizing up was not necessary.  My fabric is a sweater knit with a faint chevron pattern.  It is beefy and warm, yet full of stretch (which was a slight issue while sewing).  It was a Fabricmart Fabrics buy from over a year ago.

I don't ever really mention facts about PDF patterns, but this one was only 46 pages.  It covers sizes XS-3XL, and goes together easily.  As far as pattern pieces go, there is a front (2), back (1), sleeves (2), collar (2), and cuffs (2).  My approximate sewing time for this was two hours.  I broke that up into two nights, as I usually try to sew daily, even if it is in a small amount of time.  It was a gratifying sew indeed!
Oslo Cardigan

In the line drawing you can see that there are optional buttons for the front.  I chose to leave the buttons off.  There are also two options for constructing the cuffs.  I picked option 2, which allows you to wear the cardigan cuffed or uncuffed without showing the seam.

The construction was very easy to follow. I mostly sewed this on my own, and only glancing at the instructions a time or two to verify that I was on the right track.  This is a wonderful project for all sewing levels,  since you are creating such a nice piece that will adapt to your wardrobe well.


The fit is also really good!!  Since cardigans are usually roomier, a nice fit is easy to achieve.  I have enough room under my cardigan to wear bulkier garments and still be able to wear the Oslo over it.

I will say that I wasn't too careful about matching up the chevron print, but it still came out great! 

I basted my seams, then serged them.  I also used a stabilizer at the shoulders.  This fabric was pretty stretchy and LOVED to grow on me!  That can be one of the downsides of working with a knit, but I just took a little more (1/2") out of each shoulder seam to compensate.  Next time I may staystitch? Would that even help?  I'll have to reference my fabric resource guide and see what they recommend.

I do think lots of knit fabrics would work well with this pattern, but I do love the appeal of a sweater knit.  I would definitely make MORE!! 

Serging is not necessary, but I love the clean finish!
Yes to cuffs!!!!!
Overall, Seamworks patterns has another winner in my book!  

Stay sew-filled!


  1. I love that chevron fabric. Cute cardi... you can never have too many. So versatile.

  2. Very cute! Love the fabric and it looks good with your outfit!

  3. I have always been a little hesitant of sweater knits, especially those with more open weaves. They do seem to want to grow and grow!

    Your cardigan is just perfect. Such a nice wardrobe basic!!

    And nothing wrong with getting distracted by a little "ooh, shiny!" :)

  4. Love this friend!!! You did amazing!

  5. This is really pretty! You just can’t have enough Cardigans during this time of the year and yours is a great one! Love your fabric too!

  6. This is a very beautiful cardigan. Interesting fabric!

  7. Very cute sweater and I love the pairing of the dress too!

  8. So glad you made this pretty cardigan. Love the fabric and you did a neat work. Have a lovely weekend, dear :)

  9. What a great cardigan - love it! I also love the dress you are wearing with it. The whole ensemble is fabulous!


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