Monday, November 6, 2017

October Recap/November Plans

Hello eveyone!

Is it really November?!?!?!

We are still having weather that DOES NOT FEEL LIKE IT!!  I mean, this past week was in the 70s, and I ended up taking my kids to the park to play--no jackets required.  I am certainly not complaining, and even quite thankful, because I still have a chance to wear my finished Anorak, which is already underway.

So last month I spent most of my energy working on the dress I was going to wear to my baby brother's wedding.  That didn't pan out how I wanted, and left a couple of days in the month to actually finish a project.  I feel good that I squeaked in these two:

The first is an unblogged Piedra dress! I plan on having a review up this week for you all, so stay tuned!  I will say that I love it! Also, I made a few changes to my version, and will talk about that as well.   Second, is my Oslo Cardigan!  I love this also!  I was all set to wear it this week, but as I said earlier, with weather in the 70s, I was sweating as soon as I put it on, lol!

So, overall my month was pretty good!  I am still working on making sewing a daily habit.  And each month I am learning tips and tricks to increase my sewing productivity with my busy, busy life.  I have the mindset that life will NOT get easier, so I have to adapt in order to get things done.

Turning to my sewing plans for November, I am giving my Anorak priority!!!!! I have already started on the pockets, and will be posting updates to my Instagram, as well as the Anorak tab on my blog (see above).  If you are interested in the process, you can follow along with either or those two methods.

The rest of my plans are "nice things I would like to cross off my list for the year."

1. I want to sew for my husband!!!  Yes, Mr. Picky himself!  We have been talking about what he would like, and have settled on a crew-neck, Raglan t-shirt from Ottobre:

2. I really want to sew a pair of overalls for my youngest.  I think he is getting ready to size out of this pattern, so I will have to move quickly, lol!  I already have all the fabric and materials so that is a plus.

3. If you haven't been able to tell, I love Seamworks patterns!  So, naturally,when they released two new patterns for November (and they do every month), I got super excited to make the Sadie, a sweater with pockets and a funnel neck.  It will be another great Fall addition to my wardrobe.

I look forward to showing you my adapted Piedra soon!  I am really wanting to cross off some of my goals for the year, but realize I am running out of time.  So, I will focus on what I can do, and adjust for the New Year.

For now, let's make November a good one!

Stay sew-filled!


  1. It seems like you've got great plans and I can't wait to read the reviews of your finished garments!

  2. What a lovely combination to wear to your brother's wedding. I believe I have the Olso pattern, but now have to give it a second look after seeing yours. I like Seamwork patterns as well. Look forward to seeing your complete "wishlist" plans.

  3. I
    I love seeing your monthly recaps. You make such nice things too!

  4. Those overalls will be adorable! I can't wait to see all your finished projects.


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