Monday, March 10, 2014

Unexpected PJ pants surprise

Hello everyone!

I hope your weekend went well.  Mine was a blast!

Last Thursday I got a call from my best friend.  She invited me to a woman's get-together with a "pajama" theme. The only problem was, I did not have any pajamas to wear!!  So, I did some last minute shopping, and picked up Mccall's 5248 at Hobby Lobby for $1.99

I knew I would have family in town for the weekend, and sewing time would be tight, so I decided to only sew a pair of pants instead of the whole ensemble.  I knew it would be easier to throw a shirt over pants than to try to squeak out a pants and top.

On Sunday I proceeded to finish the pants in about 2 1/2 hours.  I sewed a size Medium, with plenty of room to spare.  I almost chose a small, but knew by the finished measurements that I would not have enough leg or hip width.

Overall, this pattern was very easy to sew, and came together without a hitch.  I love the drawstring waist, and the comfy, comfy feel.  I wore my pants to the PJ party, then came home, showered, and wore them to bed.  I want to live in these things they are so comfy and cute!!!!!!!!

And the ladies' event was AMAZING!! 

I will be attending another event in June with a "white party" theme---you come dressed in white.  I am thinking a white dress would be perfect to sew.  I won't be starting it soon, but somewhere in the middle of May.  So stay tuned...Also, if you have any suggestions for a great white dress pattern, let me know.  I want something classy, chic, and stylish.

Here's to hoping for a week of muslins...

Stay sew-filled!


  1. An all-white party sounds classy. You should make one of Ralph Rucci designs that Vogue carries like V1239 or my fave V1317 -- would look smashing in white!

  2. Oh these are cute. I missed this pattern! Sure sounds like a good time!

  3. Vanessa, I swear we are on the same wave length. I have this pattern. I made the pants in satin, but they need to be hemmed. I didn't use the drawstring. The top is also partially finished. I probably have less than an hour to finish both. I was finishing Christmas projects and this was left in the corner!

  4. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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