Sunday, March 2, 2014

Next in March

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to March!

This is going to be a great month, I can feel it!  I plan to pick up my sewing pace, and try a few new things. The first of which, is to sew a sloper. Yes, a sloper.  I have been studying a lot of my fit books, and reading about the usefulness of a sloper, and I am convinced to give one a try.  I figure if there is anything that can decrease my chances of having to sew multiple muslins in the future, I would give it a chance.

What is a sloper? "A basic pattern developed on paper by drafting or in cloth by draping, but with seam allowances omitted, used as a tool to create other patterns." (

Here are my reasons for wanting to sew one:

1. For use as a fit guide to patterns I sew

2. As a foundation for eventually drafting my own patterns

3. To get a better understanding of my fit issues/and figure out how to troubleshoot them

Last Friday I took advantage of the sale going on at Hancock Fabrics, and picked up Vogue 1004, a pattern block specifically for slopers.

I originally wanted to get Mccalls 2718 by Palmer/Pletsch (on sale 5 for $7), but the store I was at did not carry it.  I almost leaped for joy to find the Vogue pattern because you have to purchase only one size.  I got size 12 since my bust measurement put me closer to this size.

When I opened the envelope I was surprised to see the amount of detailing in the pattern envelope!  It looks very thorough, and takes you through the process step by step, from building a profile of your body via your measurements, understanding wearing ease vs. design ease, constructing the shell, and altering it.  I'll also use a lot of the instruction from my Craftsy "Sew the Perfect fit" class to aid with the alterations/fit. 

For some reason, I don't see slopers mentioned much in the sewing community.  I know there are local classes I can take to develop a bodice or skirt sloper, but I have never heard of anyone who has found them invaluable.  If you use/have used/tried to make a sloper, please let me know, and share your experience with me.  The possibilities from having a sloper intrigue me, yet I wonder how practical it will be in the end.

For my next project, I will be sewing Burda 6910, View A (though I also love View B):

Even though this shirt looks "easy as pie," (or SUPER EASY, as it states) I am not going to take a chance.  I will make a muslin just to be 100% sure I will like the end result.  I am also going with short sleeves because the weather has started to show glimmers of sunshine and warmth. 

Stay sew-filled!


  1. First color me jealous at glimmers of spring! :)

    What fabric are you using for the top?? I think that one is next for me too. After I finish buttonholes on my shirt.

    I see ALL the time where sewers are using their slopers to make fit changes to a pattern before they start cutting. Have fun!!!

  2. Love the burda pattern! I've had a sloper pattern for forever but have yet to try it out. It would definitely save me the trouble of hunting through patterns looking for a design element when I could just draft it myself.

  3. For the top I plan on using my orchid colored cotton jersey from Fabric Mart. It is bright, and fun for spring.

    I know you will make an amazing version of this top, Nakisha. Some of the other reviews I have seen on Patternreview have been good, too.

    And thanks for the info on other bloggers having success with slopers. That excites me even more!

  4. I just finished cutting about the pattern for that Burda 6910. I'll be watching you closely since after I looked at those Ikea-like instructions I knew I was in over my head.

  5. I think this is going to be so pretty in Orchid! Can't wait to see how it turns out! God luck!

  6. A sloper is a fantastic idea! I know many people who use this but I have not had the time to make one yet. It sounds like a great plan to work on the sloper and have a fun, easy project on the side.

    It will make a great spring top!

  7. Thanks, Annie! I tell you, I have been working on this sloper, and am getting more and more excited as I see it coming together. I am hoping it won't be too difficult to fit my body. I plan on starting Burda 6910 this evening.

  8. I am waiting for your results and experience with the sloper. I have the same one, but I think it's too big now.

    My pattern making books have you make line and then you copy it to make adjustments for other styles. It is a starting point to create designs,and used to make sure a pattern will fit by comparing. I'm tempted to do one with you.

  9. I too have seen peeps write about using their slopers. At the ASE last fall I went to a class about slopers and I definitely see the value--looks like they'd be super helpful for determining right away if a pattern will fit or not.

  10. p.s. meant to add that I just don't have the energy/desire to make a sloper but maybe someday!

  11. Thanks, Kyle! Making this sloper has proved to be labor intensive, but I sooooo hope it is all worth it in the end!!

  12. I kept reading around about slopers but had no idea what they were. I'll give myself a few more months of practice before I think about it lol


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