Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easy Burda Style Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

Hello everyone!

I wanted to have finished sloper photos to show you, but life has been throwing me a few curveballs--mainly with my health.  It's nothing I want to go into at the moment, but my energy level has been zapped.  To add to that, I have been working a few hours at a preschool, and the end of the night has me wanting nothing but my bed!!

Yesterday I lounged on the couch and checked out my first issue of Easy BurdaStyle Magazine for Spring/Summer 2014.  I am pleased!!  The magazine has a lot of nice looks, and the overall feel is a bit more youthful, but I found a lot of things I would like to sew!

This is a cute skirt!!  The row of buttonholes unnerves me (I have only done buttonholes a handful of times), but the A-line, high-waisted, knee-skimming design intrigues me.

This top screams "summer!"  I like it paired with the flowy skirt, but I could also see it with a nice pair of skinny jeans.  The skirt was pictured a few more times throughout the magazine as well:

And the dress pictured below is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE:

I really like the double spaghetti straps, pleats, and pocket!  I think the style is beautiful, fresh, and chic.

And speaking of dresses, here is another vintage-inspired one:

This dress has some of the same elements as the last one, except it has cap sleeves with lace.  It is so pretty!

These casual jackets with pocket variations are also nice.  The Raglan sleeves make them easy to sew, and I could see this in a lot of various prints.  

Those were the looks that I liked, but I also liked a lot of other features of this magazine.  Let me start with the instructions. There are MUCH MORE visual diagrams!! Yay! There is also a lot more information on general sewing knowledge, such as a section discussing the straight grain, working with plaids/prints/stripes, and laying out your pattern.  I think a beginner sewing will find this helpful.  In fact, I find this helpful!!  I like that this magazine has a bit more "hand-holding" than BurdaStyle (which I still love).  I am definitely interested in sewing something up from here once I finish my sloper.

Also, the patterns included in the magazine are printed on tissue paper (similar to the individual Burda patterns you buy at the store).  While not sturdy, I plan to trace off any patterns I may use from here anyhow.

Another thing I liked about this magazine is the variations of the different styled garments.  There was a skirt and pair of shorts done three ways, as well as a casual jacket.  I don't think you see much of that in Burdastyle, and I liked that it gave fresh ways to wear a single item, or even a fresh way of seeing the same item when it was made in two different fabrics.  

Overall, I am really pleased!!  

If you are interested in seeing more styles from this magazine, visit here.

Obviously, I have not been able to accomplish all that I wanted to in the month of March.  I have come to the conclusion that I am making my sloper a top priority.  It has been too difficult to sew that and another simple top at the same time.  I am hoping my hubby will give me some extended time to sew (and help) this weekend, so that I can finish it and move on to spring sewing.

Stay sew-filled!!


  1. I have never made a Burda Magazine pattern, even though I have many magazines. I like some of the same as you do. Is that shirring on the back of those dresses? I might like that.

    I hope you are feeling better and get your energy back soon. I've been feeling yucky too. I think it is the changing of the weather here.

  2. I love the vintage-style dress. I would probably lengthen the sleeves though. For some reason, I just love sleeves.

  3. There are so many cute things here! Luckily I think I have the regular mags that include my favs!

    I need to figure out what sort of fabric a bomber jacket needs.

  4. I think you need to conquer buttonholes to make the super cute dress!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  5. Practice making button holes on scraps first....make your scraps exactly like the placket you will be making for the real deal--like sew a placket with interfacing just to practice on. It will give you confidence when you go to make the real deal. Also when making the real deal, put a buttonhole at the fullest part of your bust (so it doesn't gape open) and space your buttonholes from there. It may be different from the pattern, that's totally ok. And when you make buttonholes on the real deal, do the bottom one first (in case it's not so good, it's not as likely to be noticed by others). This is all my experience talking. :)

  6. Vanessa, I so enjoy reading your blog that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Come read the details at


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