Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Threadcount 1610 dress sneak peek

Hello everyone!

It is finally beginning to feel like Fall in my neck of the woods!  I am hopeful that this crisp weather lasts; however, being in Georgia, the weather can quickly revert back to temperatures in the 80s.  Considering the fact that I haven't completed many items for my Fall wardrobe, a rise in temperature would be ok with me too.

I am here today because this week is the final countdown to my baby brother's wedding, and I have been sewing like a madwoman, lol!!!  Every night I make my way up to my sewing closet, crank up my machine, and work on my dress choice for the wedding...Threadcount 1610.

So far I have the bodice finished, except for a few seams I have left basted in case I need to take them in.  I really wanted to get this garment to a place where I could try it on and see what I was working with.  It fits my dressform nicely, but I have a little more cushion in my waist than it shows since I have not padded it yet.

Well, I tried it on a couple of times, and was surprised to see that the bodice is still a little loose.  Today I plan to attach the skirt and add the zipper so I can make my final tweaks to the dress.  Hopefully that will all go smoothly because, lo and behold, my throat has started to hurt and I haven't been feeling the best.  This dress will need a lot of me pushing through in order to get it done.

I do believe it is going to be wonderful to see how this all comes together, BUT I have learned that I am not a fan of sewing for deadlines.  While my goal is to be finished with everything on Wednesday,  I think Thursday night is more likely. 

Through this whole thing, I can say I am grateful to have the bodice done!!  That, by far, has been the more intensive part of the garment, while the skirt portion is simpler.  It only has a few tucks, gathers, and pockets before it gets joined together. 

I will try to update my blog once I finish the dress, but I may wait until after the wedding before I post a full review with photos.  I will tell you that I have a "back-up" plan just in case this dress doesn't work out, BUT my hubby has already backed me into a corner and told me I have no choice but to move forward and finish this one! I agree with his sentiments, and am doing all I can to make it happen!

Stay sew filled!


  1. Your dress is coming along so well. I love the fabric you used. I'm not a fan of sewing with deadlines either; it creates a lot of tension. I really hope you'll be able to get it done on time. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. Go ahead and get'er done! Try to fit in small increments of time if you can. I know it's nice to just get in there and SEW! But a little bit can go a long way.

    I have that fabric I think!! A cotton sateen??

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Looking good! I love sweetheart necklines!
    And nice that your husband is encouraging you to get it done. Sometimes family members can say we're sewing TOO MUCH lol that's really cool

  4. I know you'll get it done. Sometimes I work really well to short deadlines and I don't think just do. Then other times I have all the time in the world and just can't start?? I look forward to the after wedding post will all the pictures! Good luck and get well too :)

  5. Beautiful sweetheart neckline. I love the print. What a gorgeous style for a Fall wedding. I discovered your blog not long ago and enjoyed looking at your makes. Very talented you are, and you have a beautiful family! Take care!


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