Monday, October 9, 2017

Kelly Anorak muslin is done!

Hello everyone!! 

My husband and kids are home with me today, but I am basking in the glory of this one fact--my Kelly muslin is done!  I made a WHOLE jacket!  Ok, maybe I didn't put a lining in it, or finish up the hardware (it is a muslin), but I did construct an entire jacket, and got some really good practice along the way!!!

Today I am showing you the Anorak, and going over a few revisions I will be making for the final version.

Here is the muslin:

I am a definite fan of this jacket, and am so glad I chose it to sew.  I was definitely hesitant to undertake such a big task, but after having finished the muslin, I feel so much more confident about sewing it.

I will follow up with more details once I make the final garment, but I will provide some encouragement for those of you overwhelmed by the thought of a jacket like I was.  This is a great pattern for an adventurous beginner.  The instructions are clear, and the tutorials on the Closet Case Patterns website provide more information if you get hung up in any areas.

For me, I found the facings to be tricky, but the zipper placket pretty easy.  Also, the hood had lots of ease, and was harder to attach, but the gusset pockets were quick and done before I knew it.  

Here are some changes I will make to the final garment:
  • add 1" in length to account for my long torso
  • move the drawstring casing down 1" so that it sits more naturally at my waist
That's it!!

Since the pattern's release, there have been a few corrections and extensions offered.  One of them is an extension for a lining, while the other is a sleeve adjustment.  I will be checking both of these out.  The sleeves, while comfortable, do feel a bit restrictive with movement.  I read that the new sleeves would eliminate that problem.  Here is a peek at the fabric I chose for my jacket:

The top flannel is for the lining, and the bottom is a navy cotton twill by Kaufman fabrics. 

And, speaking of fabrics, I also got the cotton sateen in that I ordered for my dress:

This week will definitely consist of strategic sewing. I will be finding ways to spend time at my sewing space, and check off items on my October plans list.  But mostly, I need to get some things done!!! I will be back to let you know where I land soon.

Stay sew-filled!


  1. That's a pretty great looking muslin, Vanessa! I have this jacket on my list, too, so I'll definitely check out the sleeve to see which one I have. No idea when I'll start, though! Good luck with your strategic sewing!

  2. Excellent looking muslin! Your jacket is going to be great. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Nice job with the muslin, looking forward to the finished project :-)

  4. The muslin looks great, can not wait for the final jacket. Love your fabric choices :)

  5. That's a great fit on the muslin. I love the lining fabric - so bold and gorgeous. I also love the dress fabric. Hope you get lots of time to sew cause I can't wait to see these finished.

  6. You are doing amazing! Looking forward to the final product. I love the lining! Color, color, color!!

    I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! If you are interested in participating, here are the details below. Congrats!

  7. All your hard work really paid off - now you have experience making a jacket. It turned out really great. I can't wait to see the final version.


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